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I am thankful for…

…name tags!   Truly, I would have been lost without them this weekend.  My first thought driving up to the reunion venue was “Who are all these OLD people?  I don’t recognize anyone!”

The first half hour was very surreal.  I graduated with a class of 600+, so it was hard to know everyone even back in the day… but to recognize people I haven’t seen in 30 years? – dauting to say the least!!, and oddly amusing.

There are those who have changed so much you aren’t really sure they’re the same person.

There are some who haven’t changed at all… well at least maturity-wise!

There are those who you would recognize any day… those who truly look the same.  (Apparently I am one of these, as that was the first thing almost everyone said…. which has me slighly worried that I’m one of those poor people with the truly dated look and doesn’t realize she has left the 70’s  :o)

Some are bald, some are heavier, some have spent too much time in the California sun.  Some kind of made you sad.

It was truly a hoot.  Many of these people I went ALLLL through school with, from Kindergarten to graduation day, but haven’t seen since that night 30 years ago (it was  actually 30 years ago, to the day).  Those oldest friends were the funnest to hook up with again, and the easiest to recognize.  Some I didn’t realize how much I have missed… the ones who ask about your parents, and what you’ve been doing, and really want to see your kid’s pictures. 

All in all, everyone seemed to just have a fun time – the cliques were gone, most had “gotten over themselves” and everyone seemed genuinely happy to see everyone and anyone.

I’m glad I went.

I try to never take for granted all the blessings God has given me… my husband, my marriage, my children, my entire family, who really does love each other and get along.  Let’s just say, after this weekend, I am ever more so thankful.   Not everyone has what I have… I am truly blessed. 

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First, Bonita – I am completely falling in love with this shirt.  The knitting is perfect, albeit on size 4 needles.  Just enough lace and just enough stockinette to keep me interested, but not stress me out.  Also, I’m loving knitting with the Garnstudio Safran.  For cotton, this is a joy to knit with.  I’m really looking forward to having this top finished – maybe in time for 4th of July?  One can dream…

Next – check it out…. I’ve joined Mystery Stole 3.  This completely fascinates me.  I remember watching other knitters during the last Mystery Stole, watching them create a stole, not knowing what the next chart in the pattern would be, or what the finished product would look like.  Unfortunately, last time I didn’t find out about it in time to join.  This time, I’m in!   I hope I can keep up with everyone!

Lastly… guess where I’m going tomorrow night? – my 30-year high school reunion.   To tell the truth, I’ve hardly even given this any thought since I plunked down the $$ a month or so ago.  I almost find it odd that I’m not even a bit freaked about going.  I haven’t been to once since the 5th year reunion, and, well, in 5 years not a whole lot had changed.  But, things should be interesting tomorrow.   I have a few friends I’ve kept in touch with, but other than them, I’m wondering if I’ll even recognize anyone? – or if they’ll recognize me.

Even odder – I’ve had two calls within the last month from people I haven’t heard from in 30 years, begging me to come, telling me “everyone” is hoping I’ll be there!   Who are these “everyone??”  Seriously, I flew pretty low under the radar during high school and I’m a bit surprised!

Well, I’m going, with bells on (not really, I’ll be wearing Eiffel), with no expectations, and an amused and curious countenance.  I’ll let you know how it goes ;o)

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…handknit socks growing on trees! 

and, the return of the “little car.”   Isn’t it cute!?  It spent the winter in the garage, but now that the weather’s warmed up, I zip all over town in this.It’s practically free to drive, we just plug it in once a week.  Our little town only covers about 4 square miles, and I can get absolutely everywhere in this.

I especially like how the hubby has me lock it to the flag pole… it looks a little silly, and somehow sad :o)

While the little car’s out for the summer, these socks are finished just in time to put away to wait for Fall.  More Koigu, color P410, done up in the Cable Twist pattern.  I used my new Addi Turbo Lace size 2 (3.0) 42″ circulars and did them magic loop, toe up, with a short row heel.  I like ’em!

Next- I’ve picked up my Bonita shirt again.  Tammy showing her beautiful finished shirt got me all excited to work on mine again.  Heh – I’ll wait until I have more than the exciting inch I’ve managed to knit to show you some progress, although I must admit – I LOVE the turned hem.

Happy Knitting!

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Signs of Summer

Do you guys do this??  What, you say?  Buy yarn and take it outside for a photo shoot?  Of course, we all do… (Online supersock Tropic, color 928)

No, no, no… do you catch lizards on a piece of grass?I remember my dad doing this when I was a kid.  I was always amazed at Dad’s bravery and prowess at lizard catching.

I guess all boys grow up knowing how to catch lizards, because when we were eating dinner out on the patio this weekend the lizards were out in force, and “the boyfriend” hopped up to catch one (very good for impressing the girlfriend, doncha know).  They named him Fido, walked him around on his little leash for a few minutes, stroked his little blue belly, then let him go.  I’m sure he ran home to tell his little lizard family the harrowing tale of his close call.

Lizard catching, a sure sign of summer.

That and  lazy afternoon”cat naps!”

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Time Marches On

Wow – my baby girl graduated last night!  I have mixed emotions about this.  Of course, I’m extremely proud.  But, it also makes you feel old, having your youngest graduate.

Most of all – I feel blessed.  God is good and has given me three wonderful children to raise for Him.

Yes, the hubby and I are blessed.

It was a beautiful evening for the class of 2007, a class of 224, 112 young men and 112 young women.

Of course, there was a little knitting involved…. the sock and Kaity and I went early to save seats!

I’ve put a lot of time in these bleachers…. it’s seem strange not having a reason to go back.

Time marches on, last night to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.

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We have had the worst internet connection for about two weeks – it’s slowly driving me mad.  By the time I’ve frustrated myself through a day’s work I’m ready to chuck the whole computer out the window, and sitting down to struggle through a blog post is more than I can muster.

So, here we go – I’ll give this a try.  If you are reading this, I’m a happy camper…. but this will be the last post until we can get a new modem this week (hopefully, the problem).

So, frustrated and frazzled as I’ve been this week – when the hubby offered to take me camping, I JUMPED at the idea.  Sweet!  Take me anywhere – I don’t even care at this point!  A little trip out of town and away from the day to day is just what I needed.

The hubby’s been wanting to buy a new motorcycle for awhile, and the only place around who had what he wanted was about 3 hrs away, in Indio – so we threw in the tent and some sleeping bags and made a quick get away out of it.  A night away with the hubby, a little car knitting, and getting to camp out – it’s all good in my book.

We camped at Joshua Tree National Park – here’s the sock, checking out out the place.   And, here’s the hubby, setting up the tent.

This…. is a Joshua tree –  and, this is why it’s a National Park!  There are millions of these funky looking cacti!  The rock formations are pretty cool, too.

It was a beautiful weekend – if you like the desert, which we do.  And here are the fruits of our efforts…. the hubby’s new ride… and here it is, modeling my sock progress  :o)  This is some beautiful Koigu that was gifted to me by one of my favorite people, and the pattern is Cable Twist.  I’ve already finished the first one – so hopefully I’ll have a pair to show you later this week.

If my computer lets me :o(

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