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You have to admit this is cute.  When the hubby brought home his latest newest motorcycle on Friday, it came with matching roses for me.  Do you think he may have a bit of guilt?  – considering there are already four other motorcycles in the garage?    He assures me that they are all quite different, and that each one has it’s own unique purpose…. and that he’s gonna sell two of them…

I just thought it was cute.  It was already a done deal, and we had agreed on buying it, so it wasn’t a surprise.  But the roses are a nice touch!

Besides, he’s a keeper… he never asks why I need another set of needles (after all, they are all quite different and each has their own unique purpose), and is always happy to take me to a yarn store when we’re out and even splurges for more yarn from time to time, just because.  So, I don’t give him a hard time about his “hobbies” either.  Let’s just say my hobby is quite inexpensive in comparison… hence the roses :o)

And, since this is a knitting blog, here’s my latest project, chillin’ on the new motorcycle.   I’m making the Summer Shawlette (a free download from IK Knitting Daily) to send to my MIL.  It’s coming along nicely, although the instructions are a little confusing, at least to me.

I better go get it off the motorcycle before the hubby gets home, though.  It’s a little frou-frou, doncha think?

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Yarn Memories

Do you attach memories to your yarn, your projects? Since I’m not really a stasher, I tend to buy yarn on vacations, or with gift certificates, or birthday money. I seem to attach those memories to the yarn.

I remember when my hubby bought me yarn on our trip to Cambria… that yarn is now my Clapotis… but I remember it as my “Cambria yarn” scarf. I knit my Eiffel with yarn I bought on our trip to Texas for Christmas – it always reminds me of the trip, and the funny little yarn store. I have all the yarn I bought when Kaity and I went on our cruise… anything I knit with it will remind me of all the fun we had, and the places we bought it. Most of my yarn and projects have memories attached.

Last week we went back to Texas to see my in-laws, and they gave me “yarn money” for my birthday, and the address for a LYS. The hubby drove me to Cedar Park to the Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe and we bought this yarn… the pretty Ultra Alpaca that will someday be a sweater, the brown Cashwool that will someday be a shawl, and the Regia that will make footies.

But all this yarn and the projects that come from them will have bittersweet memories. Sweet, because it is “birthday” yarn, bought with gift money from people I love, and who love me. But bittersweet because the reason for our trip was to see my hubby’s dad, whose health is very precarious at this moment.

So, this is my “Pa” yarn…. and I will always think of him when I see it. And, here’s a picture from this weekend, of me, Pa, and my nephew… the three September birthdays, probably sharing our last birthday together. A 75 year old, a 48 year old… and a youngster just turning 21 – all of us in different seasons of life.

Some seasons are hard.

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Have you seen these??

I’m such a sucker for beautiful things.These new KnitPicks Options Harmony wood needle tips are GORGEOUS! – and smooth as glass. They are perfect for my cotton knitting projects. To start with I just bought sizes 6 and 7…. but I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my collection.

In dishcloth news… I’m slowing down, but just a little. Here are the latest two, a buttefly, and the Garterlac dishcloth

I especially like this one… it reminds me of scrambled eggs :o)

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Still Obsessed…

…and that’s all I have to say ’bout that.

PS – go see what Kaity and I did today! 

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Wash, warsh

Kaity and I were discussing while knitting last night… I seem to say WASHcloth, but WARSHrag.   Hmm… I would have sworn I never say warsh…

Anyhooo, it was a productive weekend.  And may I say, this is quite addictive.  Do you know there are at least three-kazillion washcloth patterns out there?

There’s one missing from the pic, the one I already gave away, and Kaity knit a couple of those, but it’s a nice group, don’t you think?  We also figured out I have a nice little system going… I have her knit  pattern first, then I knit one, that way she just tells me what to do and I don’t have to read the pattern.   That Kaity’s so handy.

I have at least a few more in me before I burn out for awhile on warshrags.  And, I really should to back to Joann’s to pick up those few colors I left behind.   And, I here tell that my mom bought a whole book on washcloths….

so, you may see a few more before this is over.

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Hot :o(

What do you knit when it’s too hot to knit? (110.6 to be exact!)

Cotton dishcloths!

Yarn that costs $1.98 a ball… knitting that doesn’t lay in you lap and make you sweat… and a project you can whip out, start to finish, during a moving while you’re chillin’ under the AC.

That’s been my MO this weekend…. and I don’t know why it should change today. Besides… how many FO’s can you toss in the pool for a photo shoot?

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