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Can You Believe It?

Hey – what is that I spy, blocking on the living room floor….. could it be???

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Seven Rows an Hour

I’m on the home stretch, more than half way done with my sleeves, knitting speed, 7 rows an hour (yes, I timed myself). I’ve only got 30 rows left! It’s even at the “portable” stage now- straight knitting, no more charts, I’m on page 18 of 19 in the directions! Theoretically I should be able to finish Rogue this week.

Theoretically – yeah, and theoretically I could be 30 lbs slimmer by summer, and theoretically I should be able to use the bathroom in peace by now…. my gosh, the kids are old enough to fend for themselves and even spend the weekend alone, but I still can’t get a moment’s peace in the bathroom.

“Mom, can I go over to whozit’s house?, What’s for dinner? What are we doing tomorrow?” and my personal favorite – “What are you doing in there?” Come on, do they really want to know?

Oy – I’m only going to be in here two seconds- can’t I pee in peace? I mean, really, anyone who’s a mom knows how to do her business in no time flat, can’t they just WAIT?…. I’ve paid my dues, done the two minute showers with two toddlers in the playpen and the baby in the swing, parked right outside the open shower door – never mind shaving my legs or washing my hair – just a quick two minutes!!

I’ve done all the baby/toddler years peeing with the door open, with them all in there with you. I’ve hauled three kids into a department store stall… Then, even at home, when finally when you can shut the door and leave them on the outside, they’re all still standing there, talking to you, waiting for you.

Now, they’re teenagers, and they’re still talking to me while I’m peeing – – my gosh, you’d think that would bother them by now!

yep- theoretically Rogue will be finished by the weekend – we’ll see…

yeah – and pigs can fly, and I’m thin….

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Please lift up prayers for Jeanie and her family today, thank the Lord for your many blessings, and hug your kids.

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he will strengthen thine heart.
Ps 27:14

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I’m So Easy

So, I’m taking Kaity to our not-so-local yarn store yesterday, so she can spend her gift certificate – two days old and already burning a hole in her pocket….

Me, I’m not planning on buying anything – I’ve gotta finish Rogue and have yarn lined up for two pairs of socks, two hats for the hubby, and hand warmers for me – I’m covered for awhile.

As soon as I walk in, Lois, the owner, says “Lynda, – look what we just got in!!”

Oh My Gosh!!!! They’re unpacking a tableful of Lorna’s Laces – a new line to their store. Lorna all over the place….. sock weight and worsted….. (yep, you heard me right Wendy, you’ve gotta get right over there!)

Brand new yarn, fresh out of the box, hardly touched by anyone – I must have some! So, I picked some sock weight in the Sherbet colorway – to make D#2, the “pink” daughter some socks. I think I’ll use that new pattern in IK – Simply Lovely Lace Socks.

So, there it sits, in the yarn cake corner of my desk – getting to know all the other yarn cakes – all my future projects…. calling to me.

I just love looking at them.

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It’s A Mystery

Hmmm, no one will confess to doing it, but poor Carmen is quite often found wandering the house wearing a toilet paper bow.

Cat fairies, I’m sure.

and, no, she’s not too happy about it –

“I’m sure this never happens to Chaos.”

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My baby turns 17 today!, and no one is more Project Spectrum Pink than D#2. It’s pink everywhere with this girl.

Come on…. can I really be that old???, that 17 yrs have gone by since we welcomed our 10 lb 2 ounce “big” bundle of joy into the world… and brought her home to her 11-month-old sister and 3-year-old brother. Yeah – things were kind of a blur for awhile…, but she’s an amazing blessing. She is our “bonus” child from God. We were all smart and thought we were going to stop at two… a boy and a girl…., and I am thankful every day that God knew better! Happy Birthday Lil!

And, for more Project Spectrum fun…. really, there are few material things in life I love as much as nail polish…. for your Spectrum Pink perusal I offer OPI’s Cha-Ching Cherry! Love it!

Well, my pink fingernails and I are marooned on Sleeve Island. I’ve been promised rescue when I finish. And, that’s good news for all of you, too…. I know you’re getting bored…. Rogue, Rogue, Rogue…. will she EVER knit something else? I’m beginning to wonder, too…

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Beware the Moon…

Ooooh, scary, the ghost of sweaters past….

I’m posting this picture because:

1. my hood is finished!
2. the picture cracks me up
3. it totally creeps Kaity out. She thinks it’s coming to get her , makes her feel uneasy…

you know, in a “beware the moon, stay off the moors” kind of way.

I do have to say, the hood was the biggest challenge yet. Not the cabling so much, although there are a few mistakes that I will not be showing you. The decreases and grafting are a little tricky. The grafting, had I done it perfectly, would have been one of those real things of beauty – as it is, I got off a tad, and it’s still pretty impressive, to me anyway- but not total brag-picture worthy.

hee hee…. I just looked at the hood picture again – I’m totally amusing myself! It just cracks me up – a little unsettling in a clown/sock monkey sort of way for me. I HATE clowns, and sock monkeys are just TOO freaky – can’t have one of those around looking at me.

OK, back to knitting – check it out- I’m knitting two sleeves at a time. This makes me a little uneasy too – I haven’t tried it before. I’m totally paranoid that about 3/4’s of the way into it I’m gonna knit them together, or something else totally lame, get them turned around and get the fronts and backs mixed up, or somzing…….. but so far so good…. all 1″ of it. Must.Pay.Attention….

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Got me some new yarn this weekend! Kaity and I met up with Wendy at her local yarn haunt – a place PACKED to the brim with yarn! Everywhere you looked there was yarn – to the ceiling, under the tables, in the back room. So.Much.Yarn.

Now, I always tell myself when I go somewhere new I’m going to buy something I can’t buy at my regular LYS. I did okay with that in Solvang and got some very nice and different yarn…. but this weekend I bought stuff they have at my LYS – but maybe not in these colors! Besides, this NEW yarn store is just as far away as my regular not-so-local yarn store, so now I’ve just have two not-so-local yarn stores at my disposal – sweet!

Besides, this new one is awfully close to Wendy, and I bet I wouldn’t have to twist her arm too hard to get her to meet me there again.

The Noro Kureyon is colorway #148, and is going to grow up to be this. That GORGEOUS heathered green is Cascade 220, #????

Hmmm, the band now seems to be missing because SOMEONE was fondling my yarn…. I need that band because I only bought one hank, and now I’m really wanting to buy more to make this! There will be torture involved when she gets home from school…

That’s what I get for being wishy-washy and only buying one hank. Live and learn…. eh. Well, I originally bought it for a hat, so I can still do that, and by the time get around to making another sweater – well that just gives me time to change my mind, again…. like I said, wishy-washy.

But- I do have some exciting yarn prospects in my future! My sis is going to Germany in a week and the hubby gave her some yarn money to find me something cool and Germany-ey… I just told her pick out anything, you decide – surprise me! I hope she actually has time to sleuth out a yarn store and shop! She is on a working trip, after all…. but, really, what can a few hours in a yarn shop hurt.

And, some Rogue progress. Still working away on the hood, but I’m almost finished with it – and then it’s off to sleeves!

**reprieve- the child is spared – I found the missing yarn band, Cascade 220, colorway 9336 – prettiest stuff ever.**

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Here’s s some Project Spectrum Pink, from BEFORE I knit… when the girls were babies – when I smocked.

A little nostalgia from the cedar chest…. waiting for my girls to have girls someday…

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This is Gettin’ Old

We really need to invest in a swift…

Rogue? – see yesterday’s picture and imagine about 4 more inches of the same old hood. Still in love with it.

I did get to take a little time off the routine this morning and meet up with some friends who meet every Friday at the local coffee shop to knit. Very fun – must do it more often…. but, lesson learned: it’s not too conducive to productive knitting – I can’t, cable, knit, talk, and drink coffee all at the same time. Still fun though!

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