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FO: Camo Footies

Love these.  My first Koigu socks.   Koigu….. mmmmmm.  It’s everything everyone said it was.Pattern:  my own, just a basic 64 stitch sock, top down, with a regular heel flap.  Size 2 DPNs.

Yarn:  Koigu KPPPM, the green is P325, and the gray is P312.  the gray seems much softer than the green for some reason.And, just for you, Sis –  Is this sock/shoe combo any better than yesterday’s?  Before you say anything, let’s just remember who gave me these Crocs!  (come on, you know you want some!)


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Oh Yes I Did!

Life is too short.  Besides, it just made me happy.  And, sometimes just knowing it will make certain people twitch is reason enough :o)

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Sing With Me…

ala Sesame Street, “One of these things is not like the other….“Two of these things are kind-of the same….”

Go ahead and laugh.   Kaity’s still laughing at me.  Even worse, I didn’t even notice my heel was knit on sideways until I was about 1″ from being finished with the socks.  So much for my first toe-up socks.


But you have to admit – the stripes match superbly.

I’m a knitiot.  I should keep these sock stuffed in my purse and whip them out anytime anyone sees me wearing something I’ve knit and gushes with the inevitable, “Oh, I could NEVER knit anything like that!”  I’m always telling people, seriously, it’s not that hard – If I can knit, anyone can knit.

Proof positive.  And, well, maybe it is a little hard, for me anyway :o(

(Oh – and BTW, I LOVE this yarn.  On-Line Supersocke 100, colorway 931)

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(door slam) “Oh man!  It’s SO great to come home to homemade cookies after a day of school like today … thanks Mom!!” – my son, age 21.

I’m so glad I made cookies today.

See, I’ve been enjoying all the Mother’s Day posts, but I’ve especially enjoying the ones written by moms of very young kids, and how much they love the fact that, in their kid’s eyes, they are perfect, they are their everything, they can do no wrong.

I remember those days – so fondly.  I LOVED knowing my kids only knew me as love, – the be all and end all… but those don’t last.  Kids wise up.

I’m not saying that’s bad….it’s just different.  I’m not always the good guy anymore.  Sometimes they think I’m the bad guy.   But, that’s our job, to bring them up, to let them learn, to help them learn, to help them discern right from wrong, to teach them what is right….  But, part of that is learning that Mom is not perfect.    And sometimes I miss the days then they thought I was.

I may not be perfect, they may not always like me, but they still love me, and I am still their soft place to land. 

I am blessed, my kids love me, still… even when they know the “real” me, faults and all.  They know I love them and do my best.

But I’m still glad I made cookies today.

—Train  child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  Proverbs 22:6

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Happiness is…

…learning something new.

My first short row heel!

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…if a knitter were on a cruise???Well, she’d start and finish a Koigu footie (started on the car ride to the cruise ship, and finished on the bus trip to the SeaTac Airport to go home… how’s that for cutting it close!)  Yes, it’s just one sock so far.Here it is with our cutie-pie waiter, Shon. 

I’d also finish my Clapotis!!  (also finished on the bus to SeaTac… to the cheers  of my fellow SeaSocks buddies who had watched me work in it ALL week!)

And, I’d start a new sock on the plane ride home.  See… I did learn something – this is my first toe up sock!

Thanks to Patricia – our fearless leader, and avid sock knitter, who kept 89 knitters happy and on track for five days.  I will always remember these five days on the high seas with Kaity and my mom and our friend Jacquie, and 84 of my new friends, including Laura and Abigail, also cruising with her mom!

We had the time of our lives!!

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Lovin’ Victoria

After a rough Wednesday and Wednes-night at sea, we arrive in beautiful Victoria, Canada.  Silly me, I didn’t even know it was an island until we got there.  SUCH a beautiful place.  We decided not to join the organized tour of Victoria and decided to tour the city on our own.  We we looked up the address of Beehive Wool Shop and got in a cab. This is easily the nicest yarn store I have ever been in! 

They had the biggest selection of Fleece Artist I have ever seen.  Everyone who worked there was so nice and helpful – and on top of the 10% discount they were offering to those of us on the Seasocks cruise, along with the favorable exchange rate – it was VERY easy to splurge.Me?  I splurged on 600+ yards of Handmaiden 100% cashmere.  I have been bonding with this yarn ever since… mmmmm.  I still have no idea what it will become.  I also picked up some very cool OnLine sock yarn. 

After Beehive shopping, we decided to get some lunch, do some souvenir shopping, and walk a bit through town.  It was a gorgeous day.I may very well have to come back and vacation here some day!

Ok – that pretty much covers our day in Victoria – and the last of my yarn purchases.  Tomorrow if you want to come back I’ll finish up with the friends, the knitting, and you don’t want to miss our cutie-pie waiter, Shon.

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