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I just love my son…. overheard today:  “Errands are weird.  I just came back with a burrito, antifreeze, beer, and a water pump.”

“I’m going to double the number of socks and underwear I own, throw out what is old, and order all new stuff online – there, done, just like that.”

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The things that go on…

when I’m not looking!

What is this dog doing sitting at the table?

And, what is that wet mark on the table in front of her??


Again, ewww.

In knitting news – I cast on for Waves of Grain from the most recent Knitty!

This is the Handmaiden 2-ply cashmere that I picked up on in Victoria on the Sea Socks Cruise.  This is the most luxuriosly soft yarn I have EVER knit with.  I have decided everything I own should be made out of this stuff.  Mmmmmm

Aren’t the subtle colors pretty?

Ok – well, I’d better go check and see what the dog (and kids) are up to!

PS – Thank you SOOO much for all your kind birthday wishes yesterday!  You guys are the best.  You’ve made an old woman very happy ;o)

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…still a good day

This morning I’m enjoying my coffee out of

my new Guggenheim mug, a gift from my sis (my mom, Sis, and I have fun memories of our trip to NYC and the “Guggyheim) – snuggling under the beautiful new lap quilt my Mom made me.

And, this morning I also have a new FO!

Pattern:  Foliage Shawl, by Miriam Felton, Mimknits

Yarn:  a no-name 70/30 merino cashmere blend, fingering weight

Needles:  Size 7 Knit Picks Harmony circular

Mods:  none

I think it’s very pretty.  It’s also a very quick knit, with the fingering weight!

Maybe I’ll wear it to Bible study this morning and feel fabulous, instead of 49 :o)

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me

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Another knitting fear conquered… the knit-on border.

Easy-peasy, and actually quite fun!

Now I have to go through my Victorian Lace Today book and reconsider all those patterns I was afraid of because of the knitted border.

My knitting horizons have expanded.  I love it when that happens.

(This is soon to be a Foliage Shawl by MimKnits.  Why aren’t more people knitting this one?  It’s fingering weight yarn, and works up rather quickly – and is quite pretty, too… I think)

What is mocking you on your knitting horizon?   What are you still afraid of?

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Presenting…. my variation on a Cobblestone!!


As you can see by this pic of the whole sweater, my sleeves are a little long (the cuff is rolled back in this pic) – but all-in-all I couldn’t be happier with the fit!

And, you can probably tell I did my own thing with the yoke.  I used the yoke detail from Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Sweater patterns. (Rav Link)  Kaity hates it – I LOVE it, it’s just what I was going for.

Pattern:  Cobblestone Pullover (Rav link)

Yarn:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color:  Yucca Mist

Size:  43-1/2″ size, but my gauge was smaller so it came out to 39-1/1″, which is exactly what I was shooting for :o)

Needles:  Size 8 Knit Picks Options

Here’s a closeup of the yoke detail

Sweet!  Now, if it would just get cold :o)

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