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Tonight’s Agenda

Kitchenering armholes and weaving in ends!  Woo Hoo!   Do you recognize this long-lost project?

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Feeling Random

Socks, drying on the line

Guess who turned a year old this month?  Yes… the cutest dog in the world…

and an FO I have absolutely no use for.  I don’t Yoga.  I just wanted to make them :o)

Pattern:  made up, 60 stitches, 2×2 rib

Yarn:  Regia Design Line, Kaffe Fassett, colorway4255

Needles:  Knit Picks Harmony DPN, size 2

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Our adventure weekend was perfect.  We spent the weekend just driving wherever we pleased, stopping whenever we saw something interesting, and spent most of the time on back roads and dirt roads.  Like we did when we first met in college and couldn’t afford to do anything else :o)

As promised, we headed off Northwest :o)

We stopped for a bit in Solvang, where they were having a car show,

and the hubby bought me yarn

Then the hubby drove me through lots of places he’s been, out hiking, or searching, or hunting, that I only knew of by name, and we just enjoyed driving through the backcountry

We finally decided on a good place to camp

We laid out the sleeping bags in the back of the truck and sat down to enjoy the “dinner” we picked up along the way (drinking wine out of our empty waterbottles :o)

The hubby laughed, and said “We sure haven’t evolved much, have we?  Still sleeping in the back of my pickup and drinking cheap wine at a picnic table.  The only thing that has changed is now we can afford a corkscrew and to pay for the campsite!”

We just laughed and enjoyed the sunset, and couldn’t have been happier.

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Adventure time

This is how Layla feels about all the kids leaving for school…

“Why you want to leeeeeave me??”

The hubby and I are also taking off… just for the weekend.  It kind of played out like this:

(last week)

Hubby, to the kids:  You’re mom are getting away next weekend.  I feel a road trip coming on.”

Me:  We are?  Sweet?  Where are we going?

Hubby:  Don’t know yet.  We’ll have to think about it.

(This Tuesday)

Hubby:  I can’t decide where we should go.  Do you have any ideas?

Me:  What are you thinking, camping, staying somewhere….

Hubby:  Anything.  I’m trying to think of someplace different.   I have no ideas yet.

—insert very stressfull work at week, not a lot of talking… I’m a little afraid the trip may be off…

(last night)

Hubby:  said to the room, to no one in particular  “I’ve got it all figured out.  I’ve come down with a plan.  I think this is going to work out real nice for me.”  Now- at this point I don’t know if he’s talking about life in general, what motorcycle he wants to buy next..  heck, with him it could be ANYTHING!

Me:  What do you have figured out?  (she asks timidly)

Hubby:  We’re throwing a couple of sleeping bags in the back of the truck and an ice chest, and just driving off.

Me:  Do you have anywhere in mind.

Hubby:  Not at all.  It’s adventure.  I don’t even know if we’ll need the sleeping bags, we might not even camp – they’re just in case.

Me:  Ok… sounds good!

Me:  about an hour later… “Do you have any idea which direction you’ll head when we start off”

Hubby:  Northwest.

hmmm. since we live 20 miles from the coast, I’m thinking west isn’t much of an option (he knows I’m not getting on a boat, we already ruled out Catalina), and I’m not sure he was totally serious about north.  All I’m sure of is we’re heading off Saturday for “somewhere.”  It’s all good with me – he hasn’t disappointed me yet.  I’ll let ya’ll know where we end up.

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… but I play one in my mind.

The kids went back to school today!  (OK, college, but it still counts)

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….not to be confused with knitting of Olympic proportions, which this certainly is not.  For me, Olympic knitting has to be very simple, so that I can stop and cheer. 

Kaity and I take our Olympic cheering seriously.  Especially when it comes to swimming.   And, we know how to pick ’em.  If there’s no American to root for in a specific heat, we either pick the hottest guy, or the one with the funniest name.   It’s a scientific system, but it works for us.

Right now… as I type this, I need to stop and root for Michael Phelps.  Hold on… I’ll be back in a sec (he’s fast).

Ok – I’m back.  He won, of course.  I just love how he kicks it into 2nd gear that last half lap.  I could watch that guy swim all day.  Gold medal #10, greatest Olympic champion of all time.  Love that guy.  And his mom.

So, here’s our conversation in the pool this morning before we start our laps – my swimming partner and I:

Dano:  Do you see that thing they do when they start the breast stroke?

Me:  The dolphin kick?

Dano:  Yeah, that…. do you do that?

Me:  I try.

Fade to the end of our first lap, getting ready to make our turn… I can actually hear her laughing under water.  We stop at the end of the pool….

Me:  Are you laughing at my dolphin kick?

Dano:  No….. I TRIED to dolphin kick.

Yeah…. we’re good.  Tomorrow we’re gonna try flip turns.  That should be even funnier!

Pattern:  Gloria Cowl

Yarn:  Knit Picks Imagination, color: Damsel    I held the yarn doubled.  Can you see where I switched skeins and didn’t make sure to stagger my yarns.  Bummer.  I was probably too busy oogling some hot swimmer with a funny name to pay attention :o)

Needles:  some bamboo size 8’s I had lying around

Time to knit:  2 days of watching Olympic swimming and gymastics, with a smattering of diving.

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When I last checked in, I was going to do a daily update of my “time alone.”  Well, after Day 2, the whole rest of the week went by and I never even checked in with you.  Turns out… I was so busy I didn’t even have time to be lonely.  I hung out with friends, saw Mamma Mia, twice…. and sat around the house and watched a few more movies.  (Plus, as I’m up at 4:00 every morning to haul my tired bones downstairs to work, I pretty much have to go to sleep when the street lights come on, so there’s not a lot of night life going on).

And remember those big knitting ambitions?  Um… yeah, I got two rows knit on Hanami, not two repeats.  Sad, I know.  But, I did finish the toe of my sock (even kitchenered since this picture!

So, what was different about being alone?  The glaring notables….

Well, I only ran the dishwasher once ALL week, instead of once a day, and that wasn’t even a full load.
The kitchen counter was always clean and dirty-dish-free.   The towels were always hang on the towel rod in the bathroom…. and, dum-da-da-da!!!….. the toilet paper was always ON the holder! – not living on the counter with the empty rolls!   Just as I always suspected – THEY are the culprits – the messy ones!  Documented proof.

Well, truth be told, my smug victory and clean living surfaces are not really as fun as having the family around and I did look forward to them all coming home.

But, I have to admit, it was nice.

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T.G.E., Day Two

Alone.  I’ve never lived alone.  I lived at home, I moved to a dorm, I moved back home, I got married.   Maybe that’s why I have a fascination with being alone.  I don’t really want to be alone, I just wonder what it’s like.

It’s okay, for a few days (mind you, this is only Day Two).   But it’s a bit lonely.   Not too bad, yet.  I’m still enjoying it for now.  But I miss my peeps.

Today is really the only day this week where I have NOTHING I have to do.  All day to do what I want.  I’m toying with the idea of going to the movies this afternoon to see Mama Mia.  (I need to call my friend and see if she’s up for it, because I’m not stretching the alone theme THAT far.)

But, basically, I plan to spend my day sitting on my butt in front of the TV or stereo, knitting these:

I’m determined to finish the toe of my August sock (I’m about five rows from the toe decreases), and more importantly, FINISH the basketweave portion of my Hanami shawl (I’m on repeat 5 of 7).

And I plan to spend at least an hour practicing this:

I try to practice at least a half hour a day.  I tell ya – this harp business is MUCH harder than I thought it would be.  I was practicing pretty regularly the first month after I got it (Christmas), but then got a little discouraged at the slow going and let the business of life be an excuse for not practicing…. for about six months!  I picked it back up again about two weeks ago and I’m determined to stick with it.  One of these days I’ll upload you a little sound bite – but, really, right now that’d be like being forced to attend a grade school band recital… ya know, you do it because you love your kid to death, and want to support and encourage them, but as soon as their section is done you’re wondering if it would be rude to leave.  Trust me, you are not emotionally invested in me enough to make you sit through that, yet.

So…. I’m off to be fruitful and productive in my aloneness.  Oh yes…. Layla keeps wondering where everyone is.

(old pic, at her ultimate frowsiness… but one of my favorites and still cracks me up!)

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Can you see me there?  Yep, just me, myself, and I.

That’s all there is this week.  Well, the hubby’s here, but he’s at work all day.., and soon he leaves me too, on Thursday, but just for a few days.

This never happens.  Everyone is gone this week.  All the kids- off on summer adventures, however I do expect to see the girls sometime this week – they’re still around, just not home.  Even my mom and sister are out of town.  All alone.

The house is quiet.  It’s 11:00 and the house is still clean.  I answer only to myself.  I can knit and watch TV all day, or leave to go do “whatever” without having to forewarn anyone and reassure them that their next meal will show up on time.  I can live on cookies and Diet Coke if I want, and no one will ask, “Hey, what happened to all the ….. whatever…”  I don’t have to pick after people, or nag them to pick up after themselves.  Maybe I’ll just up and to go the movies because I want to.

Some day’s, it’s the stuff I dream of…. we’ll see.  We’ll just see if it’s all I’ve cracked it up to be.  (I have to say, though… the hubby did mention the fact that we’ll have the evenings and house to ourselves, by ourselves, as he left for work with a slight gleam in his eye – so there is that :o)

I have a feeling, though, that during the day I’ll be totally bored with myself very shortly ;o)   I know I’ll begin to miss them all terribly.  We’ll just see how long I can keep myself entertained.

Day One.  So far, so good.

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