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I seem to be in a scarf/shawl/lace rut lately.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t call it a rut, since I’m perfectly happy if that’s all I knit right now. My Ravelry queue has a couple of sweaters in it, and a sock or two, but it’s FULL of shawls and scarves.

I’m just fascinated with shawls lately…. I wear then whenever I can, and when I’m not wearing them, I drape them across the furniture so I can look at them. Once you get the hang of lace (believe me, it took awhile, but I’m a SLOOOOOOW knit learner) – a knitted lace piece is really a thing of beauty… something I really hardly believe I made myself.

It truly falls into the “harder than it looks” category. I still get a big WOW factor and enormous satisfaction from knitting lace.

So, here’s my latest lace obsession – the Lacy Kerchief Scarf, from Interweave Knits Summer 2005. I’ve always loved this pattern, and have swatched for it numerous times, but have never quite found the right yarn – who knew it would be as simple as Cotton Ease? The color is Lake.

I need another scarf like a hole in the head, but that’s not really the point now, is it?

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Swan Lake

It’s finished, and I love it. (click picture for a clearer view)

Pattern: Swan Lake, aka Mystery Stole 3 (link on side bar)

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare, laceweight , one skein (not even)

Needles: Size 4 Knit Picks Options

Beads: different pinks, size #8

This was so much fun to knit! I have not done a “mystery” project before, and it was intriguing to be knitting something, not really knowing what it would look like. The clues were of a manageable size for me, and came out once a week, so I was able to keep up and still have a little time to knit on other side projects.

I know some people had trouble with the “wing” concept, but even if it looks odd all spread out, it is beautiful on (I wore it to church yesterday), and I’ve always kind of bucked convention and have never been too hung upon “matchy-matchy” (right, sis?) – so this stole really speaks to me.

Knitting with the beads was also fun, something I haven’t done before.

No… I didn’t forget I actually made this for Lilly. I wasn’t sure she’d like the design and shape, but she does. She says I can keep it safe for her and wear it when I want, and she envisions wearing it to prom, or something equally “fancy.”

It is fancy.

And may I add… I LOVE my new blocking wires! How did I get along without them? A serious must-have for lace knitters.

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Just a peek

Mystery Stole 3, aka Swan Lake, is off the needles and blocking! Here’s a sneak peak…

And for fun, look what I found in my room the other morning – yep, sprawled out belly up. She thinks she’s hiding ;o)

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California Sun and Fun

So…. we went to the fair yesterday, the girls and I, and this is what we saw…

a cute pig a know named Delilah (she’s the spotted one in the back, if you must know),

a couple of cute sheep I don’t know, but love their product…

and a cute sheep I DO know (Kaity)!

Is your fair at the sunny, beautiful beach?! Can’t beat fun, sun, fair food, and palm trees!

Then, it was off to the grandstand arena… Oh, doncha know – we California girls do LOVE our Beach Boys!! (the extra noise and screaming in the stands… John Stamos was part of the Beach Boys last night! Some people (ahem…kaity) could hardly contain themselves!


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My job is to pray.

Oy – I just erased a HUGE post, because after writing it, I just didn’t want to bare that many of my thoughts.  But it helped to write it, to think it all through…even if I just erased it later.

 The jist of it is, that when I’m called into situations I’m not comfortable with, I pray.  I’m not comfortable today.  My hubby is Search and Rescue volunteer and got called out last night to go 300 miles away to help search for a lost hiker, and I’m not sure when I’ll here from him or when he’ll be home.  I’m not comfortable, but God knows that, and I know God is in control and God chose ME specifically to be my husband’s wife, for a reason, for a purpose… so I pray.

When he gets the page during our 26th anniversary dinner last night, to go home and run off to do hero stuff – I just pray and know God is in control, and remember we have been married to each other for 26 years, because God ordained that it would be so, that we were meant for each other, for a reason, for a purpose.  So, I pray.

When I turn on the radio driving home after dropping the hubby off at the station, and hear about the bridge collapse in Minnesota, I pray.  Then when it dawns on me that if it had happened here, that’s where the hubby would be called to go…. I pray again.

When I say goodbye to my son tomorrow morning as he leaves to hike 62 miles through the Sierras with his grandfather and my brother, and I know I won’t hear from him for at least a week, I pray.  I know that it is not a mistake that I am his mother, or my father’s daughter, or my brother’s sister.  I am for a reason, for a purpose.  So, I pray.

And I knit…. a lot.

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