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A Purse for Sis

This is was a birthday present for my sis this week.  You know, my younger, cuter, skinnier sis with the better hair…. :o)

I could go on, but I love her anyway – mostly because she still loves me after we tortured her as a child by shutting her in our room alone and holding the door closed while playing the “wolf” music from Peter and the Wolf, and hiding the arms and legs of her favorite doll, Angelique.  I’m totally making my brother take some of the blame for this, I’m sure it wasn’t all my idea.

She really is the best sis – I’m very blessed.

Onto the purse facts –

Pattern: Sophie

Yarn: Casdade 220, Heathers 9412, one skein

Needles: Size 10-1/2

I love the way the colors in the yarn felted… just what I was hoping for.

And, she likes it!  Happy Birthday Week Sis!!

BTW…. go check out Kaity’s shop – she’s just added some new self-striping sock yarns!

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Boring is Good

The other night I sat down to watch a movie, one that was going to require that I pay attention to it and not my knitting, and realized all my WIP’s had a degree of lacework.  I knew I’d just end up messing up whatever I tried to knit, so I watched, and enjoyed the movie… but wished the whole time my hands were busy with the needles.

The very next day I cast on these… mindless knitting.  Plain old socks.  64 stitches, toe up, stockinette, short row heel.  I must always remember to keep a mindless project on the needles!

(BTW – the yarn is Trekking Pro Natura, color 1602.  The nail polish is OPI, Cha-Ching Cherry.)

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Sharing the Mystery

Mystery Stole 3 is coming along nicely.  I have a few mistakes… although what look like mistakes in this picture along the eyelet edging are really just a results of a poor, speedy blocking job on bicycle spokes so I could get a picture.

Yes, bicycle spokes…. it’s what I had handy.

I’m sure if you want, you can find the mistakes, but I’m not gonna point them out!

I especially love the beads.  I wasn’t going to use beads, but Kaity talked me into it, and I’m glad she did.  I’m loving this pattern.  It looks very old-fashioned to me.  It reminds me of my Grandma for some reason. 

Lilly walked in one day just after I had started the shawl and said, “Oooh, who’s knitting this for me?!”  She’s always hoping whatever someone is knitting is for her… since she doesn’t knit…, just wants to be knit FOR.  The funny thing was, I had already planned to surprise her by offering her the shawl when it was finished anyway….

… so I let her in on the Mystery.

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What do you do on vacation when it’s 105, with spikes to

…you laze around and knit, with a cool drink within reach, gathered around the ol’ crawdad bucket filled with icy water!  (sans crawdads and well-rinsed, of course)That’s sis on the left with her back to us, then (going clockwise) me, Lilly (reading, silly girl doesn’t knit!), my mom, and Kaity!

Ah, this is the life :o)   And, look – it led to a finished pair of footies!

Pattern:  none, basic 56 stitch, toe up, short row heel (using Kaity’s method), done magic loop.

Yarn: Socks That Rock, mediumweight in “Pebbles”

Needles: Addi turbo lace size 3, 47″

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We had a wonderful trip to Independence for our yearly 4th of July family get-together… but had an unexpected and earlier than planned ending!  A summer storm over the Sierras cause some lightening strikes just outside of town, which easily caught fire in the 105+ degree weather.

To contrast, here’s the creek where we took the kids to cool off in the afternoon (and to take a picture of my sock!)

And, later that night we walked back down to the creek and this was our view!

The next morning the fire was still burning, but still a ways outside of town, and we weren’t worried about any immediate danger.  We decided to take a short trip about 8 miles south to check out the new museum at Manzanar.  Here’s the view looking south, from Manzanar and here’s the view looking back towards town and the fire.  That’s when things got interesting.  We left Manzanar and went another 5 miles south to Lone Pine to get some groceries.  After getting groceries the rest of the family headed back to Independence, a 15 minute drive, but Kaity and I and two of my nieces stayed another 20 minutes or so in Lone Pine to check out the little fabric/hobby store.  When we left, they closed the highway TWO cars in front of us.  I told them I lived there and my whole family was just up the road ahead of me, yada yada… but the highway patrolman was not intersted in my story.  We were stuck in Lone Pine.

So, we got our emergency water and blanket out of the back of the car and went and sat in the park, and called the family to tell them we didn’t know when we’d get back.  In the meantime, soon after they got back to Independence the fire department had started evacuating parts of the town.  So…. the family loaded everything up, closed up the house, and drove back to Lone Pine where we all joined up again and headed home.

From what we can tell now, they were able to keep the fire out of town, but it’s still burning.  I’m sure my Dad’s itching to get back up there and check everything out.

But, really, all in all we had a great weekend.   I got a LOT of knitting done, and tomorrow I’ll post an FO picture, and some great pictures of how we get our knit on in Independence!

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I participated in Lynne’s “Special Swap” and this swap’s was a garden theme.  My swap buddy, Elizabeth, spoiled me royally!So many goodies!  There is some beautiful yarn, of course – Zen Yarn Garden in Avocado Spring, and Lorna’s Laces in Purple Iris!

And then there were the other goodies!  Each was beautifuly wrapped in tissue, so it was such fun unwrapping the chocolate, the cute little picture holder, the notecards, pretty napkins, notepads, candle, a beautiful book on knitted flowers, a lovely painted soap dispenser, a gardening magazine,  and tiny clay pots already to grow herbs and flowers!

Thank you Elizabeth!!

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