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This Weekend…

I learned something new – a reversed heel flap!  I’m still not really sure how it works, but it does, and it’s a thing of beauty!  I am knitting the Charade socks (Ravelry link), but used this pattern for the heel.

This is my Flat Feet yarn, and I love the colors!

This sock is being brought to you by:  Season Three of The Office, numerous past Stash and Burn podcasts…. and, while the hubby was gone this weekend, a number of episodes of Dark Shadows while the kids had friends over to play Halo.  This may or may not have been accompanied by the equivalent of my body weight in Junk food….

Good stuff – all of it.

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It’s definitely spring in these parts!

These beautiful wild lupine are growing wild all over our hillsides.  Every spring a friend of mine goes out to pick some and brings me a bouquet.  Their heady fragrance is filling the house!

In kind… I brought her some of the hubby’s roses from the front yard.  They are growing like gangbusters after our heatwave!

And in other springy news… Kaity and I dyed up some Knit Picks Bare, in their merino/silk undyed yarn (same as their Gloss) – in a pretty, springy purple/blue colorway.  I think the appropriate name for this colorway would be Lupine – don’t you agree?!

Here’s a nice closeup

Since I’m committed to knitting a pair of socks a month… you’ll probably be seeing this again soon enough!

What are the signs of spring in your neck of the woods?

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Okay – you probably have. I don’t get out much… so let’s humor me.

First off

Holy Moley…. these babies are good! In our little town, the only place they have them is the little gas station/MiniMart, and I may or may not have sent the girls down to buy out their entire supply (ok…. they only had eight, so it’s not as bad as it sounds… but I do have them very well hidden)!

Next up…

Flat Feet sock yarn. I saw this at the LYS a couple of weeks ago and didn’t buy it then, but have been obsessing about it ever since. I scored me some yesterday, in the Cool Bright colorway. Fun!

There ya go- like I said, I don’t get much, so I’m easily excited. But, really, these finds made me very happy this weekend!

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Not Knitting

I seriously need to pay more attention to the hubby’s bathroom reading! Hubba Hubba :o)

Do you think he’d notice if I tore off the cover and hung it up in my office?

What…. would that be wrong?

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New Socks!

Layla approves.


Pattern: my own basic, 64 stitch stockinette, short row heel

Yarn: Regia Galaxy, colorway 1550, Jupiter Nature

Needles: size 2 DPN

Time to knit: 10 days! This is some kind of record for me!

I knit one sock from the outside of the skein, and the 2nd sock pulling from the inside of the skien, so the swirls would swirl in opposite directions. Pretty tricky, huh? Yeah… I totally have to thank Kaity for that idea, I never would have thought of it on my own, or known it would work.  That Kaity, she’s good to have around :o)

Whew… now I have my April socks out of the way… no need to fear owing Kaity any sock yarn this month! I’m waiting for some silk/wool sock yarn from KnitPicks that I want Kaity to dye for my May socks.

In the meantime I’ve cast on (casted on? I can never decide) for a new project…. more on that next post, when I have more to show. I should get a good bit of knitting done tonight during Survivor and The Office. Yea for Thursday Night TV!

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Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz where they fall asleep in the poisoned poppies?  I’ve been there!

Every year the hubby takes the girls on a “date with dad” for their birthdays, sometimes together, sometimes separate – but it’s usually to a surprise location/event.  This year he told them they needed to decide if I could come, because I’d really like it.  They said I could.

And, am I glad!  First, we drove and drove, back further and further into the back country, having no idea where we were going.  The hubby would just say “Not telling…it’s an adventure.”

First we stopped at the Rock Inn (semi-famous biker hangout) for breakfast, then drove a further and further.  He finally let us know where we were going – the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.  It was GORGEOUS!  They poppies bloom wild in this desert valley for just a short time every year… some years are “good” years, some not so good, depending on the weather we’ve had.  I’m assuming this is a good year.

I can’t believe I’ve lived about an hour from here all my life, and have never seen this!   I’ve driven this road at least twice a year for the last 25+ years, but never at the “right time.”   There are flowers as far as you can see!

(he really did have fun)

It was definitely worth the drive (which was pretty too).

Layla had fun!

And even the sock liked it (something’s in focus in this picture… I’m just not sure what)

Then on the way home, to finish off our flower-filled “adventure” we stopped at Home Depot for some flowers to bring home!

The poppies will be blooming a few weeks longer – go see them if you can!

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Is The Pay That Good?

Seriously… I’m off to my least favorite place in the world again…. the DMV. I would rather go to the doctor, the dentist, a middle school band concert – you name it, anywhere but the DMV.

This trip should be a little good – Kaity’s taking her behind-the-wheel driver’s license test. Wish her luck. Of course, I’ll be standing in the dreaded line. They know me pretty well there. It’s seems like I’m there every month for something or other. We seem to own a small fleet of vehicles, motorcycles and trailers.

Now, I’m not trying to give anyone ideas, or making threats, nothing like that, but, seriously…. I’m always amazed that no one has ever gone “DMV” – you know, like “going postal.” There is no where on earth as aggravating! Even with an appointment, if I remember to make one, it takes for-ev-er… and then 9 times out of 10, there is something wrong which will require another trip. Someone missed a signature, or signed on the wrong line, or I need proof of this or that.

And, it’s not always my fault! There was the time I went to register my car, had to go in because I never got a renewal in the mail, and they realize the plates on my car are registered to another vehicle… one I owned 20 cars ago. Yep, if I got pulled over in my 2002 Volkswagen they’d run the plates which would come back to a 1982 Honda. “But really officer, it’s not a stolen vehicle!” Then they ask me how this happened. Uh, I’m just getting over the shock that every car I’ve driven for the last 20 years has been illegally registered and we’re all just finding this out! You tell me! Believe me, this takes a good 45 minutes, two people and a supervisor, to finally have them decide they’ll have to send the whole mess to Sacramento to figure it out because they’ve never seen anything like it and haven’t a clue how to fix it. Oy.

Last trip I had to register a motorcycle that for some reason had two titles (pink slips). They look at me like I manufactured one myself! “Why do you have two?” …. uh, I’m here so you can tell me. Again, three people, 45 minutes…. Oy.

Oh yeah, and they send me home with another form to bring back “next time” with the odometer reading. They insist it has an odometer. I insist this motorcycle has NEVER had an odometer. They insist. I insist. They win. I turn around and hang my head and shuffle out with my form… they always win. Oy.

Never get it done in one trip. People always turn around and leave looking ever so confused, mad, and defeated… I am totally watching everyone, ready to dive under the chairs for when someone loses it. I’m just saying, some day they’re gonna piss off the wrong person.

And what amazes me is I’ve been going to the same DMV office for years… and it’s always the same people. There’s no turnover. How can you work for a place where nothing makes sense, everyone’s paperwork is screwed up, and you make people mad all day long?! – and work there for years! These people are tough. No matter how frustrated I get, I’m always extra nice and polite… I figure they must take cr*p from unhappy customers all day long, I don’t need to be one more.

So, I’m always a little scared when I’m there.

You can believe I’ll bring my sock… I’ll need something to keep me occupied and calm. Even though I had to knit this short row heel twice to get it right, you can believe I’d rather knit it twice more than go to the DMV today.

I sure hope Kaity passes, and I’ve got all my paperwork straight…

Ok – I’m done ranting for today…

BTW.. I don’t know what shows up on your computer, but when I click on the pic for bigness, it’s an exact life-size replica in size and color of my sock. I’m taking that as a good sign.

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I’m in…

Kaity has challenged me to a Pair-a Month sock knit-along. You can read all about it here.

Here’s my sock for April – plain stockinette, Regia Galaxy in colorway Jupiter Nature (1550). I’m lovin’ the colors and watching the shapes begin to form. Fun stuff!

This is a good challenge for me. It should keep me on my toes (heh, heh). I know I can knit a pair a month, but can I knit a pair every month…. and how many months until I burn out? – I committed to a year’s worth of socks!

If either of us does not finish our pair for the month, we have to give the winner sock yarn from our stash

… or buy them sock yarn. I’m partial to my stash… so that should keep me motivated!

ETA: We’ve also formed a Ravelry group… feel free to join us!

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…this morning, about 10:15 am…. daughters 1 and 2 still in their PJs:

D1:  I guess I should get dressed.  If only I had some clothes…

D2:  Me tooo!  Want to go halvsies on a load?

Off they go to collaborate on a load of laundry…. yes, they wait until the LAST available moment, and YES, I’m a mean mom and do NOT do their laundry for them :o)

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I like how she smiles for the camera :o)

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