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…overheard while the “kids” were eating lunch yesterday.  I don’t even know.what.this.means.  There didn’t appear to be any malice behind the statement, and it was followed by laughter…. I don’t even know…

They continue to amuse me, those kids :o)

Knitting?  Oh yes, I still do.  In fact, I don’t really finish many projects lately, but I do start them.  Yesterday I was torturing myself, wanting to cast on for a new shawl with my Moab yarn, but really wanting to work on and finish my Twist sweater so I can wear it this winter.


But, I’m feeling the cable knitting at the moment… so, of course, I cast on for the shawl.  I have no self control.

Okay… I have to stop and interject here, again.  Overhearing the girls upstairs, waiting for their ride to COLLEGE, mind you:

D #1:  These are seriously the most stretchable sleeves I own

D#2:  Let me see!  Can I stretch them? (said quite enthusiastically)

D#1:  Well, Okay, but just don’t use your Incredible Hulk strength and get all out of control, because I don’t want you to ruin it.

…hee, I didn’t even know one of them had Incredible Hulk strength.  And, I don’t remember the last time I checked my sleeves for stretchability… is this important?   I have seriously weird children.

Back to the knitting….. have you seen this?  Seriously great stuff.  This works so much better for me than my much-loved KnitPicks magnetic chart tracker thingy…. because I can fold up my pattern for on-the-go, stuff-it-in-a-sack knitting…. like yesterday at the DMV.  (Yes, the DMV again… don’t ask, and, yes, we have to go back AGAIN!  Third time’s a charm, right….?  Yeah… no.)

Oh, sorry, I got side tracked.  Anyway, this Highlighter tape has some serious coolness factor… love it.  Get some, especially if your like me and easily lose your place while doing ALL of your knitting lately during marathon sessions of my new favorite show of all time – 24.  (and, yes, I may be in love with Jack Bauer, and we’re only on Season Two).

aaaaaand, because this blog can always use a Layla picture… here’s your fix.  SheIS an adorable tough chick who knows how to rock a bow  :o)

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Getting Away!

… for a week, just the hubby and I!  Where have we been?  

Moab, Utah!!

I bought some beautiful laceweight alpaca to remind me of the colors of Moab.

Here’s the hubby and I, off on an adventure ride with three other couples.  I rode 120 miles on the back of that bike!!  See what I’m wearing?!  My Cobblestone!  Forgive the Michelin Man look – it’s all about the layers when it’s 40 degrees when you start out and 100 degrees when you finish!  Look at the diversity of BEAUTIFUL terrain we covered in 120 miles…  (you MUST click to embiggen these pics – they’re just awesome!)

… and check us out standing on Muscleman Arch!  It’s about 8-10 feet wide, and WAY FAR DOWN if you fell!!

We had such an awesome trip.  We’re already planning to go back next year. 

Oh yes… I did not knit a stitch all week while we were gone.  I had visions of knitting on the 800 mile drive (each way), but gawked at the scenery and enjoyed the hubby’s company instead.   Didn’t miss the knitting a bit – but I can’t wait to pick it up again now that we’re home!

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