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Perhaps it’s just me, but every time I look at the beginning of my Clementine Shawlette (Spring 2007 IK) I think…

Hmmm, I appear to have just knitted a codpiece.

Oh, I’ll keep knitting it, but I’ll never get that out of my mind. I have to keep myself from calling it my “Codpiece Shawlette.”
Ok – that’s just disturbing, however, now it’s all I think of when I see it. Perhaps I’m slightly warped.
Perhaps I’ve just tainted it for you all, too. So sorry.

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Real Life Interrupts

The view from my walk this morning… kind of cool and ominous at the same time. Yep, I do believe it’s gonna rain today.

But, I have new yarn to keep me company. Too bad I just can’t set all the work, and laundry, etc, etc, aside and curl up and knit. Rain and knitting just go together. But, no. People get testy when there are no groceries. They get a little grumpy when all that’s left is my non-fat milk. I get comments about having to drink the “blue milk” – or as they call it, “shooting the rapids.” My son made the comment that all that was left in the fridge for lunchmeat was “farty little bags of crapity.” Well, that’s descriptive. Guess I gotta to to the store.

I also used the last of the coffee this morning… now, that’s where I’ll get testy in the morning, if there’s no coffee. All I want is a half a cup… but I really WANT my half a cup.

Come on family…. it’s not all about you… it’s all about me, and my knitting. Hmmph… they’re not buying it.

So, for your (MY) enjoyment…. some KnitPicks Ambrosia in Mulled Wine, for my Clementine Shawlette. I know I’m always saying “this stuff is the softest” about whatever I seem to be knitting with at the time… but, really…. baby alpaca and cashmere – this really IS the softest. I’ll be buying this again, and again.

The blue is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, for the Cocktail Capelet, also out of the newest IK. Cashmerino….mmmmm. A very close second for softest yarn.

I’ll set it out where I can see it, and feel it…. while I walk by with another load of laundry :o(

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Dorothy’s View

It was supposed to rain today.

We were afraid it was going to rain today.

But, this is the beautiful view I had this morning. This is the view from our little cemetery, where I said goodbye today to an amazing woman.

God is good.

The sun was shining, everything was crystal clear – as it only looks after a rain. Beautiful blue skies, where we could look across our little valley and town, to the snow glistening on our mountain tops – new snow from last night.

We stood there and mourned our loss, celebrated her life, heard the gospel preached, and there was untold joy knowing Dorothy was no longer in an earthly, cancer-ravaged body, but whole and new, rejoicing with her Lord… and this was our view.

God is good.

I will sit tonight and knit, with my family all safe under our roof, with a slight sadness still in my heart, but even more, the unspeakable joy of knowing this is not goodbye. Knowing that this world, as beautiful as it can be, is not my home. I, too, will someday be home with my Lord.

And this gives me peace.

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Ene’s Shawl is momentarily stalled.

No knitting going on here.

I’m sick….. icky head cold.

I’m REALLY whiny. Just ask Kaity. She’s just had just about enough of me and my whining. I do NOT make a good sick person.

I am SOOOO thankful God has blessed me with good health – I am SOOOO thankful I have not had to deal with a chronic illness. I can’t even get through a head cold without whining.

I know God will bring me through anything that comes my way, in that I have complete faith.

But my family might leave me.

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The Home Stretch

My youngest daughter’s boyfriend has been gone to church camp all weekend – a 3-day weekend.

She’s sad, she’s lonely… she’s drawing UN-happy faces on everything….
She told me yesterday – you don’t miss daddy this much when he’s gone…. I tried to explain that of course I do – but after 25 years I’ve figured out whining doesn’t help the time go faster and no one really wants to hear it anyway….

She didn’t buy it.

Kaity told her, “6 months ago you didn’t even know him… now you can’t take it if he’s gone for 3 days?”
“Well, I didn’t know what I was missing then….” she whines.
Young Love…. she’s driving us crazy.
This morning she says, “It took him 6 hours to get there, and they’re leaving to come home today at 12:00…. so he’ll be home by 5:00”
How do you figure that?, I ask… if it took 6 hours to get there, it’ll take 6 hours to get home.
No, she says…. you know it’s always faster going home. Huh?
Love her logic.
However, it is proving true for Ene’s Scarf. I tell ya – knitting a shawl starting at the widest point and going to the smallest is the hot setup. Every row getting shorter – I’m all over that. I am headed for home – and, hey, it’s always faster going home, so I’ve got that going for me.
2 hours until the boyfriend gets back. We all can’t wait. Or maybe just 1 hour, depending on how you measure time.

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Kaity’s Handmade

Check it out my friends! My little Kaity’s an entrepreneur!

She’s been working hard, so go show her some love, if you’re in a spending mood :o)

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Knitting Conference Call?

I had a conference call this morning. I used to DREAD these, because they are sooooo boring. Without trying to sound too smug, all our conference calls are pretty much for the people who just can’t seem to “get it”, but we all have to attend. Work is the ONE place in my life where I pretty much seem to “get it,” so I’m usually bored to tears, not to mention frustrated.

How ironic, as much as I LOVE to knit, half the time I can’t seem to read a knitting pattern to save my life. If we had a knitting conference call, I’d seriously be the annoying one asking all the same stupid questions over and over. I guess I should be more understanding. But, no…. work, I “get.” How is that fair. Well, I guess work supports my knitting habit, so it all evens out. I think.

Luckily, these calls only come up about once a year.

However….. that was my take on conference calls before I knew how to knit! Now – bring ’em on. I’ll sit there and knit and listen to you explain the same thing over, and over, and over, for as long as it takes for every one to “get it” – as long as I can sit and knit and get paid for it. Sweet! Go ahead, ask the SAME question the guy before you JUST asked…. see – I AM paying attention.

Seriously people – pay attention here – it’s not rocket science. Ok, it may be neurosurgery or something, but really, you’re supposed to know this stuff. But go ahead and ask – It just means I get to go another row, and get paid for it. Not to mention, I can do it in my sweats and uncombed hair if I want, sans makeup…. from the comfort of my own home, snacks provided.

Did I say “luckily” these didn’t come up too often before???? – now I wish we’d have a conference call every DAY. You don’t know how excited I was this morning when I woke up and remembered we had one!

But, it’s over. Back to “real” work – where I have to type, and haven’t figured out how to do that and knit at the same time yet. Bummer.

So – this morning’s conference call knitting: I cast on for Bonita. I actually have to pay attention to these calls enough that I didn’t think should work on lace – so Ene’s Shawl will have to wait for tonight. But casting on – I can do that, and about three rounds of stockinette!

Heh heh – I just got it…. these little knitting blogs of ours are kind of like a big ol’ knitting conference call. Ewww… I think I owe you all an apology! I’ll try to do better and pay more attention.

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Looking for Spring

It may be threatening to rain tomorrow, but Spring has still sprung in my little corner of the world.

So, I’m going into spring knitting mode. I’m going to focus on spring and “cruise” wear from now until after the Sea Socks cruise. That means putting Central Park Hoodie on hold…. but it does mean getting to use this pretty green Garnstudio Safran

for this! The Bonita Shirt, from Summer 2006.
And this… you know, to go with a “little black dress” – toooooo cute, from the latest IK Knits.

…. and I’ve got a list of others long enough to keep me busy for quite a while.

First, I need to finish my Ene’s scarf. I’ve finished the border, and am QUITE excited about the fact that the rows get smaller and smaller as I knit on. Sweet!

Off to knit…. but first, one more picture for all of you snowed in…hope you warm up and see some spring of your own soon!

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Anything Worth Doing…

…is worth doing right.

ya’ll are making me a better knitter. Thanks!

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Well, That Was Painful

….. or what happens when you don’t follow(read) ALL the directions.

That, my friends, is about 3 hours of unproductive making-things-a-whole-lot-harder-than-they-are, and about 1 hour of actual productive knitting.

Last night I had a rare LONG stretch of knitting time ahead of me, about 3-1/2 hours. Pretty much unheard of at my house.

But, I seem to have no project to work on. I’ve spent all week casting on and off for various things that weren’t quite right, wrong yarn for the pattern, just didn’t like, too hard… (I never did get my head wrapped around the Swallowtail Shawl – that has been ditched for another lifetime) – just general unproductive knitting ever since I pulled Green Gable from the flames. I’m waiting for yarn for something new, but I just need something to get me through until ye ol’ mailperson arrives.

However, I’ll be darned if I’m gonna waste 3 hours of my favorite TV and knitting time with nothing to knit.

So, about one good hour was wasted complaining to Kaity and the cats that I don’t know what to knit. They really couldn’t care less. Then, I spend another 15 minutes trying to make my arm fall off winding 880 yards of laceweight from hank to cake.

Then I decide I don’t want to use that yarn after all.

I finally decide on Ene’s Scarf, which I have wanted to knit for quite a while now. I read the directions and note that instead of like most shawl patterns I’ve seen, this one is knit from big to small, instead of starting out with a couple of stitches and getting huge. Hmm…. cast on 375 stitches, with the yarn doubled. That in itself almost stops me – but I am determined.

So I spend about another hour trying to figure out HOW I’m going to do this, and how much yarn I’m gonna need for a doubled long-tail cast on of 375 stitches… but finally end up with 375 doubled stitches successfully transferred from a mess of yarn wound all over my living room, and wound around two helpful cats, along with a bazillion stitch markers – safely to my needles. I thought about taking a picture of the whole yarn/cat mess, but I was having trouble counting to 375.

By the way – the helpful “estimate” I Googled of 1″ of yarn per stitch cast on is a HUGE over-estimate. There was a LOT left over for the cats.

WAIT!!! Did I fail to mention I NOW re-read the pattern and note this is supposed to be a knitted cast on…. well that explains a lot. Like the fact that I must be half brain dead. Talk about the villiage idiot…

Anyhooooo – OK. Good to go – sit down start knitting away, thinking that’s a pretty clever, if not unwieldly, way to get 750 stitches onto a needle… knitting away, stop to check my progress…. Hmmm, I seem to have finished the pattern, but still have a TON of stitches left on my needle. Hmmm, half to be exact… Oy- I’ve been knitting into every stitch instead of knitting into them double. They didn’t make that part very clear – or at least not clear enough for ME. They only want you to have 375 stitches, I guess the doubled-up part is just so you have a nice thick sturdy border – or maybe just to confuse and test you. They never really explain that part.

Sweet mother of “purl”….. you’ve got to be kidding me. Tarter SAUCE!!! (I really shouldn’t be allowed anything other than plastic needles and acrylic yarn) This is total amateur hour. But, you know me, there’s no way I’m going back now and RE-casting on all those stitches. We all learned from my last post – I don’t go backwards. WhatEVER the consequences. So, I just cut off all the extra cast on stitches, turn around, and start knitting.

Kaity swears there’s a reason I can’t do this, and the fact that my cast on edge may now be a little tight, being that I’ve knit into every stitch, instead of two at a time, kind of nags at the back of my mind…. but supreme hack-knitter than I seem to be lately, I will continue on… and have for three rows. I can ignore that little voice for as long as it takes.

That’s right, 3-1/2 hours of knitting time = three rows. Three rows I hope do not come back to bite me on the butt later.

I’ll be sure to let you know.

I hope my new yarn gets here soon…. and I can figure out how to read THAT pattern correctly.

EDITED TO ADD: Ok – I did it. I frogged it. I started over. I’m going to do it right. This is HUGE. I am proud. I am NOT a hack knitter.

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