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Here’s my first Beanies 4 Buddies combo! What a fun, quick project to use up those less-than skeins!

I have been thinking a lot the past few weeks about these two things:

a quote we studied for quite a while from our John Piper study, the Pleasures of God-

“The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love” – Henry Scougal

and how I should think on this in light of scripture-

“..for where your treasure is, your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

I need to live each day with this in mind, that the object of my love and the treasure of my heart should be my Lord, and my life as others see it should reflect that.  Wow – deep, and reflective, and hard to live out some days.  I need to keep this forefront in my mind.

Ponder if you care to…

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Two words… 2nd word… rhymes with meat….

Ok – I’m going for Flat Feet here.  Yes, I’m really bad at charades.   There ya go! – Flat Feet Charade socks.  You win!

Actually, I win – I LOVE these socks!  The Flat Feet yarn was really great to work with, the kinky yarn was not a problem at all, and I found it really handy to work from the flat piece of fabric rather than a cake of yarn.  I really like the yarn, the weight, and the color.  The price is a bit high for me,  but if these wear really well I can see myself buying more.

Pattern:  Charade

Yarn:  Flat Feet, cool bright colorway

Needles:  KnitPicks Harmony DPNs, size 2

Mods:  Reverse Heel (toe up slip stitch heel) – which makes the best looking heel I’ve been able to knit yet!

And check this out – I now have the MacGyver-Swiss Army knitting version of keychains.  A sock so people can identify me, my kitchener dog tag, in case I have to kitchener on-the-fly to save my life for some reason and can’t remember how… but check out the best part – my teeny tiny crochet hook, indespensible for the Queen of dropped stitches.  (all can be found here).

Ready for anything – good to go.

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Everyone’s seen the famous Dogs Playing Poker pictures. I give you- Dog Playing Uno

What do you think, should we have it done up in black velvet for over the fireplace?

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Beanies 4 Buddies

I wanted to let you know of a ministry we just started through our Women’s group at church, called Beanies 4 Buddies.

We also have a Ravelry group started.  We are knitting hats for children who are undergoing cancer treatment at Childrens’ Hospital Los Angeles (childrenshospitalla.org), and with their hat each child will receive a beanie baby with a matching hat.  Kaity and I have been busily teaching the other ladies in our church how to knit, and I told them…. hey – I know a few knitters who might want to help!

So many of you have been a blessing to me, making hats for the homeless in LA at Christmastime, and I thought some of you might be interested in this outreach.  If your interested, please join our Ravelry group, or all the information is on the website listed at the top of this post if you’re not on Ravelry or a group-joiner.

Let’s flood Children’s Hospital with Beanies 4 Buddies – so that every child has a buddy!

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Why, oh why?

Why – if this is MY quiet place-to-call-my-own, are there so many of us in here? – and why is it already messy?

Any why haven’t I noticed before that one of my children apparently is a 3-legged mutant?

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Thank you for all your comments and help regarding my Twist dilemma. I do like you guys, you think like me -the comments ran 19 to nothing to keep on keepin’ on as I was (which, surprise, surprise – is just what I did anyway :o) My sleeve is now about 3″ longer, and looking prettier all the time.

Wanna know what else I accomplished this weekend? I took this little corner of my office – ugh what a mess, and turned it into something much better. Now that everyone in the family has their own laptop, and especially now that this desktop had the power source fried when the power went out last month, this desk has done nothing but collect junk. So, out it all goes!

So – doncha know, Kaity and I were out shopping and Pier 1 Imports just happened to be next door to Kohls, and – voila! I now have my own quiet, much less cluttered, knitting, reading, Ravelry-surfing spot. It’s not fine furniture… but it’s quiet and it’s mine. Well I share, but it’s mine.

I think I’ll go settle in there and knit a few more inches on my sleeve.

See ya!

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I need a fresh opinion.  When I think of cables, I think of solid yarn.  However, after seeing Tammy’s Twist (one of the prettiest I’ve seen!), I have wanted to make a Twist for myself, and ever since winning my yarn from Mary-Kay, I have wanted to make it with my variegated yarn.

But, tell me the truth now…. is it too variegated?  Does it work with the cables?  I’m thinking it’s good, that I love it – but I can talk myself into about anything and ignore the obvious, so I need a 2nd opinion.

Too busy for this pattern?  – or good to go.  Let me know what you think.

the yarn IS gorgeous, though, isn’t it?

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Every morning I read the scriptures

Every Friday the hubby brings home roses for me

Every month the girls and I go to Women’s Breakfast with the other ladies in our church

(mmm, cinnamon peach breakfast bread pudding)

Every year one of the girls wins short-lived goldfish at the May Festival

and once in a lifetime I win a sweater’s worth of yarn! Isn’t this gorgeous?!! Mary-Kay dyed it just for me, and I even got to pick the color. She is an amazingly talented fiber artist, and I’m blessed to call her my friend. This is going to become Twist…. and I’m having a hard time not winding this all into cakes and starting it today! In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what will happen. Thank you SO MUCH Mary-Kay – it’s beyond beautiful!

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I had a busy day…

I didn’t knit at all, but I Wii-bowled… among other sports (I’m especially sucky at MarioKart)…

I organized my stash in my new closet-type organizer.  Yes, that’s the pitiful amount of stash I’ve amassed,

Well, except for the sock yarn :o)

I also got my car back from the shop, got through all the Dell phone games to get my battery replaced under warranty… and did some annoying work computer upgrading that actually worked right the first time.   A good day all in all, considering I didn’t knit.

Tomorrow will be even better.  I think there’s another Dark Shadows DVD waiting in the mailbox.  Tomorrow I will Knit.

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