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The hubby’s out of town for a few days. He and his buddies are off mountain biking in Tahoe. This means, we take it extra easy around here…. dishes tend to pile up longer, and we eat stuff like pancakes for dinner. I catch up on my “chick flicks.” Although it’s lonely, and I’m tired of sleeping with the cat, it is quite conducive to power-knitting!
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I gotta tell ya – I’m logging lots of time sitting on my butt, knitting! My Marilyn’s Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan is on the home stretch and will be finished tonight…. probably while watching What Not To Wear! This sweater is a definite what-to-wear.

So, tomorrow I’ll post pictures. There may be a few surprises – let me just say…. you all will be very envious! I’ll have to get approval/permission from all the parties involved first…. hmmmm, mysterious you say? Just you wait! Kaity and I have been really looking forward to tomorrow’s outing!

Well, I oughta see if I can clear off some counter space and check the freezer for dinner – how does Tater Tots and mozzarella sticks sound? I already bought ice cream for later tonight.
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I can’t believe I just posted that picture… most people who know me now would never believe it, I’ve actually become rather neat in my old age.

Hey – I’m not as bad as I used to be. We used to get really lazy, leaving it all until about an hour before the hubby got home. Luckily – he knows me well, and used to call, giving me about an hour’s heads-up so I could whip the kids and house into shape. And I’m not alone, he’s usually with my dad and brother-in-law, so my sister, mom and I had a fast and furious “they’re on their way!!!!!” phone tree in operation. I’ve gotten neater in my old age, and his better habits have rubbed off, so I at least make sure the house is picked up and dishes done before I go to bed. The squalor actually starts to bother me, all on my own – who would have ever thought?


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When I was about in the 3rd grade, Go-Go Boots were all the rage (ok, I’m dating myself). I really wanted some Go-Go boots. Like they wore on Laugh-In. I kept pleading with my Mom and she kept saying, No, they weren’t appropriate and she wasn’t letting me wear anything with heels. Ok, she was right, as usual – a 3rd grader had no business with Go-Go boots, but I still wanted them – BAD.

So, it’s my birthday, and my grandma always took us shopping, to let us pick our present. Yes! I could just buy the Go-Go boots with Grandma – she would buy them for me. And she did. She didn’t know they were forbidden, and I didn’t tell her, and I figured mom would have to let me wear them. After all, they were my birthday present. Beautiful blue vinyl Go-Go boots with 2″ heels. Man oh man… I loved them! Man oh man…. was my mom mad! I was never allowed to wear them out of the house. Learned a lesson, I did… There were other impulse buys, the kind you make as a kid – dumb buys, buyer’s remorse later, but I really remember those Go-Go boots.

So, turns out, as an adult I’m not much of an impulse buyer. Quite the opposite actually. My sister calls me wishy-washy. I can go into a store, fall in love with something, carry it all over the store for half an hour, then put back and leave. She asks, Are you just taking that for a walk, or are you really gonna buy it? My sister-in-law always teases me about “should-a-boughts.” Same principle. I go ga-ga over something, walk it around for half an hour, then talk my self out of it and leave (usually on a vacation, where there’s no going back for it later) – then moan about not buying it.

So, now I’ve got it in my brain that I really want cute stitch markers.
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Come on, I need these like a hole in the head. It’s not even that they’re so expensive, but I can tell you, I’ve looked at them online a million times today, drool, and then click out of the site. The online equivalent of walking them around the store. Will I buy them? No.

See, I’ve got a perfectly fine collection of ugly plastic stitch markers in my Lucy tin:
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They’re perfectly functional. I don’t need stitch markers. I always talk myself out of what I want, but don’t need….

What is wrong with me? I mean, come on, they’re stitch markers for heaven’s sake…. it’s not like I’d be dropping a bundle or breaking the bank. Nope, I’m not getting stuck with Go-Go boots I can’t wear out of the house again. Somehow, in my little brain – this all correlates.

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He Gets It!

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“Live to Knit, Knit to Live”

This is our kitchen pig. He’s supposed to announce dinner every day – but I’m rarely on the ball enough for that – besides, he gets tired of announcing the same old things….

So, the pig’s been used to herald birthdays, greet guests, welcome holidays, and display Bible verses.

Then the hubby took him over. For the last six months or so the pig has been my hubby’s “pet” project. You see him in the kitchen holding the blackboard with that raised-eyebrow “look” and you know he’s got another gem for us. Usually, it is completely random, an inside family joke, a funny picture, an obscure movie reference…. and always with that “creative spelling” of his that keeps us laughing.

This weekend the hubby must have noticed the furious knitting going on. He gets it! Live to knit, knit to live – a lot of truth in that! Knitting is down time, relaxing, enjoyment, creative….

I love that he “gets” it.

BTW- I’m knitting as fast as I can on my Marilyn cardi – pictures would be redundant at this point, the sleeves are taking longer than I expected. I was hoping to have it done for a special weekend debut…, but that’s looking doubtful at this time. We’ll see.

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Grandma’s Buttons

When I was a kid, both sets of grandparents lived across the street from each other. My parents were highschool sweethearts. For a long time I thought everyone’s grandparents lived across the street from each other. It was certainly handy! Until my Dad’s parents died, they all still lived across the street from each other.

When we would visit my Dad’s parents, Grandma would let us play with her button collection. For me, it was a grand collection – for her, it was just all the buttons she’d snipped off the old clothes before they were turned into rags. Grandma was very frugal and saved everything. My brother and sister and I would sit on the bed, on Grandma’s candlewick bedspread (which I am also blessed to have now), and spread the buttons out and arrange them into piles by size or color, or shape. I loved playing with the buttons…. all different kinds of buttons. I would imagine the clothes they came from – some were very pretty, some seemed exoitc, some were wood, some were costume jewelry, some I was sure had real diamonds in them.
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These are Grandma’s buttons, and now they’re mine for awhile.

I few years after Grandma died we were all at my parents for “Monday Night Dinner,” and for some reason I was talking about Grandma’s buttons – how I remembered playing with them when I was a kid. I few weeks later, again at “Monday Night Dinner,” Grandapa handed me a bag…. it was full of Grandma’s buttons. I probably hadn’t seen them in 15 years or so. They brought back so many memories – and as we spread them out on the floor I began to remember all the different buttons, and all the memories. I cried, and I think Grandpa was a little surprised and confused. He said something about hearing me talk about them a while back, and thought I might as well have them. He had no idea anyone would be interested in a bunch of old buttons. What a treasure they are.

So, as I’ve been working on my Marilyn’s Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan, and thinking about Wendy and her stories of her mom, it got me to thinking about Grandma’s buttons. I thought it would be kind of special, since the sweater is kind of a tribute to her mom, if I could use some of Grandma’s buttons for the sweater. Maybe make a someday-heirloom sweater I could pass on to my daughters, with Grandma’s buttons, for her story to live on, too.
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So this morning I spread them all out again, began sorting and making my little piles, remembering all the different buttons, and seeing if I could find enough that would match. I found these –
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I’m not sure what they’re made of. They look like shell, or mother of pearl, but they feel very soft, like soapstone. I think they’ll be nice – and the sweater will always remind me of Grandma, and Wendy and her mom.

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My Knitting’s Calling Me

I’m supposed to be working…. I’m sitting here, blogging. I work at home, medical transcription. I am sooooo blessed. I work almost full time, but can pick my own schedule, so I get it all done while the kids are in school. I can still take afternoons off for field trips or lunch with a friend. I can play chauffer or drop forgotten lunch money off at school, or go and pick up a sick kid. I have two mornings scheduled to start late so I can go to Bible study. I can sit here in my PJ’s or workout clothes…., if you have to work, this is one great job.

However, it is a job and I am contracted to get so much done a day. Usually I’m on the ball and just get at it and get it done – it’s just that some days, like today, I’m so restless. I get up to switch the laundry, get yet another drink or snack, check the news, check to see who’s posted on their blog, take a picture of the cat, look in the fridge for the 100th time (nothing new shows up), or maybe knit just one more row…
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My Marilyn NSS cardi is in the other room, and it just won’t stop calling me. I’m at the point where I can try it on, and it’s fitting, and it’s going to be great! I’m thinking I may make it just an inch or two longer than the original, maybe flare it back out ever so slightly – but that’s the beauty of top-down knitting, I’ll stop when it’s right. I’m loving this. How’s it looking, Wendy – whatdya think?

Ok – I really should go back to work, the kids will be home soon – then it’s impossible to get any work done! Well, maybe first I’ll check to see if any of my faves posted. Maybe I’d better try Marilyn on for the 5th time today… Maybe I’ll knit just one more row. Marilyn…. stop it, be quiet – I’m supposed to be working!

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Pleasant Surprises

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My daughters were born 11 months apart. No, we didn’t plan that. Actually, we thought we had it all planned out. The Lord had been very gracious… when we decided to start a family, about 1 month later I was pregnant. When we decided to add another child, again…. done. I was blessed with easy pregnancies and healthy, big babies. My son was 2-1/2 when my daughter was born (the “knitting” daughter). We had a boy and a girl, and we were done.

Of course, the Lord new so much better than we. He planned our family, not us, and he knew we needed another daughter. When daughter #1 was about eight weeks old, I recognized those tell-tale signs. Lets just say, breast-feeding is not reliable birth control, actual birth control is not reliable birth control – God is birth control! That was a shocker. Not only were we not even considering more children, but come on…. 8 weeks! I hadn’t even had time to have the margarita I had been craving through the entire last pregnancy yet! Not to mention lost any baby weight. We’d say, “Guess who’s pregnant?”, and everyone would guess my sister, any number of friends…. but no, that would be me again. Breed like rabbits, we do. Fertile Myrtle… I’ve heard them all. Less than a year later the nurses in the hospital are saying, “Weren’t you just here?”

Now, of course, we can’t imagine life without “the Pud.” (rhymes with wood). Not not her real name… she is the child who always decided what her nicknames would be. “Call me squeakers.” And we did, for about two years. Don’t know where she got it. Then, she decided she wanted to be called “Lilly.” That transformed into “lilly-pud”. To this day, 16 years later, I still call her Lilly and her daddy still calls her Pud. More than her real name.

Some blog we’ll go into life that first year, with a 3-1/2 year old boy, not quite potty trained, an 11-month-old who can’t yet walk, and a newborn…. born by C-section (my first), at more than 10 lbs. Let your minds wander a bit through that one!

So, of course, when people find out they’re only 11 months apart (most people first assume they’re twins), they mention something about her being a mistake. We’ve always made it clear to her that she was NOT a mistake, God knew we needed her. We always tell her she was a pleasant surprise!

These are another pleasant surprise:
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I really love them. I wasn’t sure how the joints would be, if they would be smooth enough, or if they would come unscrewed, but I haven’t had a bit of trouble. Of course, aluminum needles are my favorites anyway… I like the feel of them. And the click-clack sound reminds me of when I was a kid, listening to my mom knit. I love having any size I want, whenever I want it. Since we don’t have a LYS here in town, I don’t want to be slowed down by not having the right size needle. I’m a happy camper with my Needlemasters.

These were my mom’s needles, she gave them to Kaity when she learned to knit. See, all aluminum, all the pretty colors. Yeah, bamboo are okay, but I guess I’m a simple girl. I’ll go for the aluminum.
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Well, I guess that’s not completely true…. If I could get a complete set of Addi Turbos for the same price – now that’d be a pleasant surprise!

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Knitting Polygamy

No sir, not me. I’m a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl. So, the progress pictures on this blog may get a little boring. Here’s the latest on my Marilyn’s NSS cardigan…
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… and here’s a close-up
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It’s not really that bright pink in “real life.”

I can really only have one project going at a time. Well, there’s always a pair of socks on the needles, but that doesn’t count. I have one big project, and one pair of socks, and that’s all I’m comfortable with at once. I see the side bars on some of the knitting blogs with all the WIP’s, seven or eight of them – I can’t even fathom that! It would drive me crazy.

Now, I know I started my Sitcom Chic last weekend, but that was out of desperation as I was going out of town and really wanted a BIG project to take with me – the socks were getting to me. I needed a break from those little DPN’s. Socks are supposed to be my break from my big project, not the other way around.

So, now the problem is I’m all hot and heavy into my Marilyn cardigan, and there’s no way I could stop and pick up something else. That would be wrong. Don’t even have the urge to…, however, I know in the back of my mind that I’ve got another big project started, it calls to me from the knitting bag, “Don’t forget me…” Talk about twitchy.

The bigger problem is I think I want my next big project to be Ella, so the Sitcom Chic may sit there awhile. Ewhhhh, makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I’ve NEVER had a project that just sat there, unfinished, with no real plan. This is way too far into project polygamy for me. No sir, I don’t like it.

Now, someday if you look over to the right and see a long list of WIP’s, you’ll know I’ve fallen off the wagon, had a major shift in my time-space continuum…. gone to the DARK SIDE!

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