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Knitting in Style

“Old farts with matching recliners-style.”  

The hubby’s old recliner was WAY past stylin’, and falling apart, so a couple of weeks ago he replaced it, with TWO!  His and hers, rocker/recliners.  They kids may tease us about looking like oldsters, but we seem to be having to kick the same kids out of our chairs all the time :o)

I get the one by the window – good knitting light, and a window sill for my important stuff – knitting tools, a place for my Diet Coke, and my girafe, Melman, to hold my reading/knitting glasses.  

Hmmm, recliner, knitting glasses, and I do seem to be falling asleep a lot in front of the TV at night…  Eh – so what, I get a bit of knitting done there, too, and it makes a nice lap for the dog…. and I’ve got the DVR so I can go back later and watch whatever TV show I nodded off to.   I’m likin’ it!

And, this is what I’m working on lately while I recline:

Everyone’s favorite “Chevron Scarf” from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  Lily has claimed this one for herself.  (It’s got pink in it!).  I’m using some leftover sock yarn, I think Lorna’s Laces Black Purl and Somerset.  It’s the perfect, just interesting enough, just mindless enough pattern for TV and car knitting.

Well, off to finish work, then I think I’ll recline.  We had a big weekend, a couple of nice celebrations – Lily’s boyfriend’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, and the bud’s birthday/graduation party.  Thanks for the well wishes for his interview and birthday.  He’s got grown up decisions to make in the future…. he’s also finishing up his EMT classes and is seriously considering going on to paramedic and continuing his Search and Rescue work, and holding off on the police thing for a couple of years…. 

Do you remember back when you were that young, and the world was full of possibilities? – it’s fun to watch.  One of the perks of raising kids :o)

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He’s getting so old…

and so am I.

My firstborn turns 23 today, and I find myself this morning ironing his first white dress shirt for his first “real” job interview.  He’s been working for years, but just graduated from college, with 2 degrees, and is ready for the “real” world.  Today, he goes for a “real” interview, with a real police chief, for a job with a real police department, as a real police officer.

He’s very excited and not at all nervous.

I’m very excited and a little bit nervous.   He’ll do well.  He’s come very far.  He’ll go even farther.

… gotta go – he needs help with his tie… my boy’s all grown up :o(


PS – knitting soon – I promise

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