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Blog Guilt

I have major blog guilt lately. I seem to be SO busy – I’m trying to find out what’s important, what needs to go, what to keep doing… how to find some extra hours in the day.

I barely have time to knit…. much less blog. I don’t have time to think of bloggy stuff to write.

Something’s gotta go, but it won’t be my precious half hour or so of daily knitting time. But, since there’s not so much knitting progress, the blogging may only happen once or twice a week. You’ll stick with me, right?? :o)

So…. up there’s the piddly little progress on Starsky. I’m just now starting the armhole decreases on the back.

And because I have such little knitting to show…. here are some cute kitty pictures. Why do they love to get as high as they can? Can you see the kitty in the picture with the stairs? Follow the hand rail up to the top – it points right to her. Do you think she knows how far down it is to the floor from there??

A cat’s life…. lying around all day. If they had opposable thumbs and could knit – I’d sign up to be a cat.


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So Confused, still

I never know which direction to go.

When I’m cruising the mall, when I come out of a store I can’t figured out which direction we’re going.

When I look at any bed other than my own, I don’t know which side I sleep on.

I ALWAYS park in the same section at the mall, or the grocery store. I don’t want to have to wonder if I’m in the right section. I don’t want to play the “I forgot where I parked my car” game – and I even have a fairly recognizable car.

I’m constantly confused by direction, and directions, with my knitting. The other day I picked up my sleeve in mid row to carry on. It looked like this when I picked it up. It took me a second to figure out what to do. I even asked Kaity to double check, “Kaity…. when you’re just knitting plain stockinette, flat, should your yarn be coming off you left or right needle.” She looked at me like I’d grown another head and said, “Mom! – you can’t be serious – how LONG have you been knitting!” (She was only that annoyed with me because last week I had to have her explain to me again how to knit ribbing flat, because I’m used to doing it in the round…. purl the knits?? purl the purls?? I swear this should make sense to me by now, but I still get confused.)

Later in the week my sister, who’s a new knitter, called and asked me the same question, but she has an excuse – she’s brand new at this. Me – I should know better, but I panicked a little and had to check with Kaity after I got off the phone to make sure I gave her the right answer. It’s a wonder I can actually make anything. (Note To Sis: You should probably just ask for Kaity when you call with knitting questions – I can’t be trusted. You’ve seen me at the mall.)

Seriously, this confuses me – this sense of direction thing. I have none. My most common knitting mistake is picking up my knitting mid row and knitting the wrong direction. It’s possible. I’m not sure how, but it is – I know… I do it quite often. I NEVER put down my knitting in mid-row unless it’s an emergency. I’m the queen of “let me just finish this row.”

My cable and lace patterns always have my extra “directions” written on them. With arrows.

Wrong side… read chart this way ——->
Right side… read chart this way
This picture – it’s taken on my way to church this morning. Thank God for having Christ in my life…. at least with Him, I always know which way I’m going.

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BIG News!!

If you haven’t seen it already – my dear daugher, Kaity has some VERY EXCITING news!

I don’t want to steal her thunder…. so hop on over to her blog and check it out!

I’m so proud!

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Never Say Never?

Is there some perfect knitted item you want badly, and keep coming back to, thinking about, but will never knit – and why?

When I peruse the magazines and blogs, I run across a lot of patterns – we all do, and what is it that makes something appeal to you? Or not?

Sometimes it’s just an obvious like or dislike. Some things just don’t appeal to me. But, besides the obvious “I don’t like that,” what influences what I decide to knit?

Many times I love something, but it’s just not right for my body type. Sometimes it’s cost prohibitive. Sometimes I have to admit it’s no longer age-appropriate. Sometimes I have to admit I would never have an occasion to wear it.

What is the one thing you want to knit SO badly, but never will….. and why.

Here’s mine. I LOVE this. So much. I obsess over how much I wish I could knit this Saffron Cables afghan, in the Fall 2006 IK. This speaks to me on every level. I would cuddle up in this ever night on the couch. I would make it out of something unbelievably soft. It is just gorgeous.
Why will I never knit it? I would never finish it. I can take on a big project, but this is too big. It would take too much time. I would get too bored. I can’t even imagine taking it on as a project I would just commit to spending years on, knitting it little by little. I would totally be the little kid kicking the back of the seat and asking “are we there yet?” every five minutes – and I’d also be the exasperated parent in the front seat saying, “if you ask me that ONE more time…!”

It’s just not gonna happen. I have not been knitting long, but I have learned that I am a process knitter. I need to see an FO within a reasonable period of time. I get bored easily.

So, what is the one thing you really wish you could, or would knit, but know you never will? Or is it just me?

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Starsky and I are stuck on Sleeve Island. Ok – back in high school, that totally would have made me swoon. I was totally into Starsky and Hutch. That was back in the day when my buddy Linda and I cruised Main Street every Friday and pretended we were “oh so cool” in her Camaro. Looking back on it – her Camaro was probably the coolest thing about us…..

But we did go gaga over Starsky and Hutch. I liked Starsky, my friend Debby liked Hutch, so that worked out for us. Linda – who was your favorite? – I don’t remember now. But, remember how, back in high school, we were just SURE that if we met them somehow… they’d fall for us. I was quite sure of the same with David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman.

But now, well, I’m sad to say (after I’ve totally dated myself again), here on Sleeve Island, Starsky’s not the man I dreamed he’d be. He’s really not doing it for me. He’s a little boring, I’m surprised to say. He’s not entertaining me, he’s not fanning me with big ol’ palm leaves, or bringing me daiquiris. I guess Starsky’s probably a little out of his element on an island, though. Island life is probably a little slow after all the crime and thrills of Bay City.

I know what would work – someone should design a Magnum PI sweater. I’m quite sure I’d knit that…. and I KNOW Magnum could handle the Sleeve Island thing.

But, that’s okay – Starsky wouldn’t be my first choice any more for my one guy to get stuck on a deserted island with, or even Magnum. That honor goes to my Johnny Depp, well, assuming the hubby can’t make the trip.

I gotta say – I won’t be stuck on Sleeve Island very long, Starsky’s fast. And, although that’s great for knitting sleeves, I’m not sure that’s what you really want from a man.

Besides…. I’m thinking I’ll escape from Sleeve Island tomorrow night while I’m watching my new favorite hunky guy…. McDreamy. He can pinch hit for Johnny on a Thursday night. Mmmmmm…

Guess I’m fickle.

I should move on.

See that purse in the magazine – I.Want.That. I am going to knit that. I love that purse. I have it in the Holiday issue of IK – but it’s been published before, somewhere. I will make it happen – after Christmas probably. While I’m already galavanting everywhere with Starsky. After I’ve knit the other things I’ve started…. and the two other projects I already have yarn for.

Then. There’s no hurry…. it’ll wait for me. But I will knit it.

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California Spoiled

We spent a beautiful weekend at the beach – we are so spoiled here in California!

From where we live in Southern California, literally, within a 2 to 3 hour drive we can be at the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert, like last weekend. This is also why we have the typical California collection in our garage – bikes, wetsuits and boogie boards, backpacks, motorcycles, ski’s, etc…. we can pretty much pick a sport and go wherever we need to be – like I said, in just a matter of a few hours, if that.

The weather doesn’t even factor in too much. Okay to – to snow ski, you do have to wait for winter, but that’s about it.

THIS is why Californians put up with all the other California stuff. If you like the outdoors, this is the place to be. This weekend, the beach was the place to be.

The forecast even called for rain, but we only got a few showers the first night…. and the clouds made for beautiful skies and sunsets. The days were warm enough for the kids to play in the surf, and the nights were chilly enough to sit by a campfire and wear my Rogue. We drove a couple of miles from our campsite to Malibu for fish and chips for lunch…. all that’s hard to beat.

What’s this last picture? – Could it be? Me, holding my Starksy sleeves? In a wetsuit? I tell ya – even I didn’t see this one coming. Never in a million years. But, in an effort to get that little ladybug up top moving again, my friend and I have been swimming laps three mornings a week, and it’s getting a little chilly in the mornings now. When it’s only 50 degrees in the morning, and the water is 68 – that’s TOO cold for this California wimp…. so we figured if we were going to keep this up – we would need wetsuits.

Yes – they work…. the jury is still out on whether it’s worth the chuckles and looks we get from our families…, but we should be able to swim through the winter now.

I do have to say…. I did have a slight panic moment in the Sports Chalet dressing room, trying on the wetsuit, having no idea what size to buy, and hoping I wouldn’t get myself stuck in the stupid thing and have to ask the hunky guy for help. Wouldn’t that have made his day!?- helping a overweight 40-something year old woman who’s stuck in a wetsuit. I can just hear it – “ya know lady, -you’re buying that…” Happy to say, I managed all by myself – thank you very much.

My friend’s story is better – she almost ventured out of the dressing room to ask the guy if her suit was the right size…. but she decided against it. Later, she was REALLY glad she hadn’t, when her husband informed her she had it on backwards!

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Still Fabulous

Check it out – on the left, Fair Isle: 4 weeks of knitting = 12 inches.

On the right… Starsky: 4 days of knitting = 12 inches.

This is why Starsky is turning out to be the perfect take-a-break project. Fast Knit. Gotta love that.

I decided to cast on for Starsky when I was leafing through this month’s InStyle and noticed all the long belted sweaters – I figured I’d better get to knittin’ if I was gonna get it done in time to wear it while it was still “In Style.”

I figured Fair Isle is classic – no time frame on that knit – no hurry. Then, what do I see in the latest issue of Lucky? Nordic is in.

Oy, the pressure – no wonder it’s been 30 years since I was voted “best dressed.” I can’t keep up.

Seriously – why do I love InStyle magazine SO much? Why do I care? I have nothing in common with these women. I’m 30 years older and at least 30 lbs heavier than what they try to pass off as “normal.” Why, why…

Motorcycle riding, reading the fashion magazines, being afraid to wear the poncho I knit last year – trying to knit what’s “in.” I’m thinking it’s my vain, hopeless struggle to fight age.

There’s nothing worse than a woman obviously trying to act far younger than her years – I MUST spare myself that.

Age – I’m not fighting it. I’m okay – hey, I’m more than okay. I’m working on the pounds, and I’m knitting what I like – and if it just happens to be “In Style” – well, then what a happy coincidence.

You know me…. still fabulous in my own mind.

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