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Eye of the Tiger?

I’m not quite sure which was funnier this morning, watching my son dance around the kitchen singing “Eye of the Tiger,” trying to convince Kaity she’s not too sick and can make it to school,

or figuring out I mixed up the lunches and now Lil has a large helping of potato salad (which she HATES), and the hubby has four boxes of Valentine’s Sweet Tarts, meant as a lunchtime surprise for her and her friends!

Meanwhile, back at Green Gable, I’m almost to the waist decreases! This sucker knits up quickly. And, check out my cool new OTT lite, 50% off at JoAnn’s, people…. I finally caved, and it was worth every penny :o)

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I love Tuesdays

This morning at Bible Study we were settling in to watch our weekly John Piper video, and one of my favorite friends hopped on the couch next to me and joyfully exclaimed “I LOVE Tuesdays!”
The best thing about this is… I was just getting ready to say the same thing to her!
Things I’m thankful for this Tuesday:

1. It’s my day off

2. My wonderful Tuesday morning Bible study group

3. It’s raining, and I love the rain
4. I got to stop by and visit with my sis for a few minutes

5. A trip to the LYS where I scored this beautiful Lantern Moon knitting bag

6. Extra knitting time on my latest project, Green Gable

7. It’s taco night, mmmm – with all my loved ones home safe at the end of the day, gathered around the dinner table!

Do you have a favorite day of the week?

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Eiffel est fini, et beau

Ta da! Well, Eiffel is done, and I LOVE it! The fit is perfect, the pattern is very well-written, the yarn was fun to work with – a total winner.

I was so pleased with it, in fact, I was gonna get all dressed up, skirt, heels, the works, and go down to our beautiful City Hall building and have Kaity take real outdoor photo-shoot pictures. But, it’s raining, so you get me in the house again. Still, I’m wearing Eiffel all dressed up to church tomorrow, rain or shin.

Pattern: Eiffel, Winter Knitty, 2006
Yarn: Louet Euroflax linen, fine/sport weight, in Eggplant, 3 skeins
Size: Medium

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed knitting with the linen. I ran the garment through the washer, and gave it about 10 minutes in the dryer, then laid it out to block. It hasn’t softened up tooooo much yet, but I think it will with time.

Style note: I decided not to put the ribbons on the sleeves, but felt it still needed it on the body for fit, but I have tied it in the back…. I think I’m of an age where the ribbons and bows are just a bit too cute for me.

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Patience is a Virtue

Eiffel – finished, seamed, washed, and blocking!

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Every once in awhile you find something that you all of the sudden HAVE to have…. even though five minutes ago, you didn’t even know it existed.

Kinda like our third child. We had just had Kaity, now had a boy and a girl, both perfectly planned out, thank you very much, and our family was complete, finished…. then when Kaity was eight weeks old I found out I was pregnant. God knew better – that we needed three kids. After the initial shock wore off, we couldn’t wait for this new baby – HAD to have her. But, seriously, I never saw her coming – God threw quite the curve ball.

On a MUCH smaller scale, I found something yesterday I just HAVE to have! Have you see the Spring IK preview?? Have you seen this? I need this NOW! This gorgeous Cable-Down Raglan by Stefanie Japel? I tell ya – I’m casting on for this the minute I can get my hands on the magazine.

If you check out the preview – scroll down to the bottom…. The hubby – who generally shows very little interest in my knitting, found a few items he thought I should knit also. (Sorry Mom, kids…. I know, “spleen damage”).

The issue doesn’t come out until Feb 20th. Darned if that isn’t just years away. I’m already waiting, not so patiently, for a certain friend‘s you-know-what to come out, because I was lucky enough to see a certain finished preview garment (you know the one, Wendy…. it’s brown, I GUSHED over it). I still think about THAT one allllll the time. I have the yarn set aside already and it’s sorely testing my patience. Like I don’t have enough projects lined that up I already have the patterns for – I have to get my underwear in a bundle over things I CAN’T have yet.

I guess I’m not a patient “waiter.”

Until then, like I said, I’ve got enough projects in line to keep me busy – and check out this cute Sock Project Bag Kaity made for me! Pretty cute, eh? It’s gonna live in the car, so I always have a project with me. To keep me busy, you know, until the Spring IK hits the stands.

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The JOY of Knitting

My very good friend and walking buddy has three very cute kids. The girls babysit for them from time to time. Last week, Kaity was getting ready to go babysit and she told me, “I’m teaching the kids to knit tonight!” So, she gathered up three sets of needles and three balls of yarn, and off she went.

Two of them ended up loving it, and the other is going to give it a try next time.

Last night I was over visiting, and I asked if I could see their knitting. They both ran upstairs, eager to show off. The 10-year-old, a boy has about 2-1/2″ of very nice, and really quite even knitting, with very few mistakes. He was all smiles.

The cutest was their daughter, though. She is barely 6, and was very proud of her 5″ of knitting- very loopy knitting, with, I’m sure, with a few short rows knitted in there somewhere… a beautiful jumble of red yarn – and she couldn’t have been more pleased with it!

I asked her if she liked knitting, and she replied, “I LOVE it!!” She skipped off and shouted back over her shoulder, “I’m knitting a blanket!”

Knitting just for the joy of knitting – that’s when it’s the best.

So, even though I’m not finished with Eiffel yet, I lightened up on myself and decided it was okay to cast on another project last night. I’ve decided to put Central Park Hoodie to the bottom of the “to knit” list and concentrate on “cruisewear.”

Next up…. the Swallowtail Shawl from IK, and when I’m done with Eiffel I’m going to mix it up with Green Gable.

BTW – check out this beautiful lace weight Kaity dyed for me. I tell ya – that kid is getting pretty handy to have around!

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She’s Getting Good!

Check out this beautiful yarn Kaity spun up for me! 204 yards of heavy worsted 50/50 merino/silk blend….. GORGEOUS! The silk gives it a little shine and just the tiniest but of sparkle. And it is SOFT!

I’m thinking it might make up a luxurious pair of mittens – but for now it’s just sitting on my desk where I can look at it and fondle it :o)

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