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Literally, what can be sweeter than prize yarn, and from The Sweet Sheep, no less! Michelle sure dyes beautiful yarn. This colorway is “Berries.”

And how did I win this beauty, you ask? Have you seen Mobtown Review? How cool is this? Every week the fabulous Erin of Mamma-E highlights some amazing yarn, and the talented artists who bring it to us. All you have to do is comment, and every Friday she picks winners! What a great idea….. and I have seen the MOST beautiful yarns featured on Mobtown Review…. Thanks, Erin, for hooking us up with some wonderful fiber artists!

And, because I just happen to now own the cutest puppy in the world, here she is with my new winnings. Yup, she’s still really tiny, all 2.7 lbs of her. Don’t let her size fool you – for someone not even as big as skein of yarn, she is definitely keeping us BUSY!!!

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Flying Monkeys and Layla

Flying Monkeys, because most of these Monkey socks were knit flying to Texas this week to bring home…. Layla! (not so much knitting on the flight home, or since she’s been home :o)

Isn’t she the cutest thing?

Here she is wearing a sweater Kaity already made for her.

(See Kaity’s blog for specs on the dog sweater)

I have a feeling she’ll be showing up in a lot of knitting photo shoots!

(OK, for the actual knitting content, Monkey socks, Trekking Natura Pro, color 1602.)

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But, not necessarily in that order.

First the FO

Pattern: Summer Shawlette by Sandy Wiseheart (available for download at Knitting Daily). I’m so-so with the pattern. I had a little trouble reading it – but that’s probably just me, and I’m not wild about some of the transitions in the lace and shoulder shaping. Although, I will admit I made a mistake in the lace, which doesn’t help.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, color…. ditched the ball band, sorry, light blue. 3+ skeins

Needles: Size 10 Knit Picks Options

I made it for my MIL, I think she’ll like it.

On to other business…. Kaity says I “need to embrace this” – I have been named a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” – three times, no less! Thank you to all of you who thought of me! While I REALLY appreciate the thought…, for some reason I’ve just kind of ignored this. I really should say, Thank You, though. You like me! So, there ya go – I’m embracing it… I am Rockin!

After another picture of the FO, last but not least… Julie tagged me for 8 random things. I love Julie – go check her out.

Since I’ve done a few of these before, and I’m only sooo interesting, I’m recycling some old answers! Thank me – I left this for last, so if you’ve oogled the FO, and these are re-runs for you, then you’re free to leave :o) But, for those of you newer to the blog – here ya go!!

1. I eat my fries by size, and my M&Ms by color… so there.

2. If one of my girls cracks open my crisp new InStyle magazine before me, it ruins it. Any new magazine, really, but especially the InStyle mag. Makes me crazy.

3. I am always on time. Even when I had three kids under the age of four. It especially bugs me that in a small town of 4 square miles, people can’t be on time. It only takes a maximum of five minutes to get anywhere in town. Come on people!

4. I’ve mentioned this before, but I am directionally challenged. If I am faced with any bed, sleeping bag, you name it, other than my own, I don’t know which side of the bed is mine. This is a constant source of amusement for the hubby.

In a mall, when I come out of a store I can never figure out which direction I was going.

5. I HAVE to have the cold side of the pillow up when I sleep. This means I have to flip the pillow over, and over, and over…. everytime it warms up, flip it over to the cold side. Kaity and my dad do this, too.

6. Not only can the food on my plate NOT touch, for the most part I will eat one food first, completely, before moving on to another. All the meat… all the vegetables…. all the salad – no particular order, but finish one before going on to the other. No mixing. My husband drives me crazy, yesterday he took the salad bowl after everyone got theirs, put the the chicken on top (I’m okay with that), then the warm butter and garlic fettuchini on top of that and stirred. Sorry, cold and hot do not mix…Ick.

7. I played the cello for 3 years in Junior High and loved it. I wouldn’t have the vaguest idea how to play a cello any more. It was a pain to carry home from school to practice.

8. I used to be an EEG technician – you know, give people brain wave tests, stick little needles in their heads… (back in the day when they still used needles).

9. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. Let’s just say I figured out in time that teaching is NOT my calling.

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