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I’m okay now…

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Focus, focus

… I have none.  To start with, where’s the chocolate…?

I usually count on my desk drawer to contain SOME sort of chocolate… but no.  Not today.  Not even a half-eaten bag of M&M’s.   How’s a girl supposed to focus without chocolate?  (That year-and-a-half old pack of PEZ is not gonna cut it, either… who am I kidding… why is that even in there?  I should really just throw it out)

Focus…. I can’t.

I am almost finished with one of two socks (don’t ya hate that they come in 2’s?)

I’m totally making myself finish this before going on to any of my many other projects, all of which I totally love, so why am I obsessed with wanting to cast on for this, and this.

Because I need chocolate, that’s why…

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….temporary tattoos :o)

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1.  It makes me feel like a kid

2. You’re never to old to pose with your favorite characters (my girls, and their friend MaryB)

3.  …and neither am I

4.  You really do forget you’re in the middle of LA (well, Anaheim actually, but it all tends to run together down there)

5.  My “Lost Boys” sock enjoyed visiting the home of Peter Pan

6.  Cinderella’s Castle always makes me smile

7.  The Electrical Light Parade

8.  Sleeping at the Disneyland Hotel

9.  …. so we can wake refreshed and ready to hit Disney’s California Adventure bright and early the next morning!  (see the girls wearing their “ears?”)

10.  and a million other things that make me smile!!

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Woo Hoo!!!

The sock and I say…..

…see you in a couple of days!!

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I love that kid…

6:30 this morning, my son is getting ready to leave for work.  He walks back in the front door and says to me, “I think that’s a good sign… I think it’s going to be a great day… it smells like doughnuts outside!”

Hee – I hope it is Bud, have a good one.

(Of course, me… now for the last two hours all I have wanted is a doughnut to go with my coffee :o)

Wanna see new knitting?  Okay.  Here’s my “Lost Boys” sock:

This will be another Arch-Shaped sock (Ravelry link) and the yarn is the new Knit Picks Imagination Yarn, in the Lost Boys colorway.  I really love this yarn – it’s soft and squishy (the alpaca factor).  I hope it wears and washes well, because it could be a new favorite.  In fact, I already have more on the way!

Well – the girls and have another adventure planned this week – more on that tomorrow!

PS – happy birthday Sis!

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I love museums. I love seeing something that is hundreds of years old, and famous, right before me…. a piece of living history, the real thing. It’s always slightly surreal.

My sister and I, and our girls, took My mom to the Getty Museum this Tuesday for her birthday. What a gift for ALL of us! It was a wonderful day.

We saw beautiful sculpture

I thought this was beautiful, and wondered what it’s “story” was.

This guy, Vexed Man, was just amusing :o)

I’d love to show you the picture where there girls are making matching faces, but they’re too embarrassed. Not too embarrassed to make faces and take pictures in a museum full of people mind you… but just too embarrassed for me to show it here! (cheater hint… you can see it here, don’t tell them I told you)

And, the manuscripts were beautiful. Here’s a different take on the Ascension… I’ve never seen it depicted this way… with just Christ’s feet sticking out of the clouds as he is taken up!

This was one of my favorites. I was really moved by this painting of Penitent Magdalene. There is such emotion in her tear-stained face. It was really beautiful.

I loved this painting of Mary, Jesus, and John the Baptist. For some reason, it gave me joy to think of the two babies growing up together. As important as Elizabeth and Mary were to each other, I’m sure they did – I just never pictured it.

Nor did I picture angels with such colorful wings!

Silly me – I don’t have enough imagination to assume they ever had anything but white wings. This, among MANY other reasons, is why I’m not an artist. I look and admire, I do not imagine ;o)

The gardens were beautiful. (I tried to channel my favorite Donna when I took this one :o)

But, I’m sure you can guess my favorite… This guy

Ahh, the Monets… to beautiful for words.

But, this is one of my favorites…. I was snapping a picture of myself for y’all, to prove I was there, and after I took it my daughter says, “Did you see me?” I totally had not! (I was probably too busy making sure I was sucking in my gut and trying to capture the least amount of chins!) Isn’t she cute, though? – My little 2nd head :o)

And, since you can’t sum up thousands of pieces of priceless art in the 100’s of pictures I took, and the few I can show here…. here’s a collage of a few more.

If you’re anywhere near the Getty Center you really should go – and, It’s FREE!

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All week long I’ve been telling myself I should blog about something – but it has been a week of no ideas, nothing to say, nothing even half-witty. But, at least I have a FO as of yesterday, so I can post that!

Pattern: Arch Shaped Socks, by Jen Showalter

Yarn: Online Supersocke, Color Tropic 81 (Ravelry Link)

Needles: Knit Picks Harmony, US 2, 2.75 mm

This is my new favorite sock pattern. I prefer stockinette socks to wear, and they work best with the striped and variegated sock yarns in my stash – but they can be a bit boring to knit. This pattern breaks it up just enough to keep it interesting. And, they fit well!

And… just because I was fascinated enough by all the different fences we passed walking to and from the creek last week to take pictures, and then make a collage… I’ll share it with you.

click to embiggen – some of them are pretty cool…. well, if you’re easily amused, like me :o)

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…and yearly family reunion in Independence!!  (warning, photo and Layla-heavy post)

The dads and kids decorated up one of our best parade entries yet! (Sweepstakes award… doncha know)

and, yes, we know we’re dorks, and are proud of it!

We spent some time cooling off in our favorite creek

Layla was fairly worshiped by my cousin’s kids….. all weekend!

and was so tired by the end of the weekend she didn’t even mind being decorated with their freshly-painted wooden snakes and lizards!

(she’s a very good sport and, we found out, very child friendly!)

I even got some knitting done while soaking our feet in the ice-cold crawdad bucket (anything to cool off in the 100 degree “dry” heat)!

I am blessed with a family who loves spending time together and knows how to have fun!

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Oh my Goodness – she looks like a different dog!   She should definitely stay cool through the summer – and I think we got our $30 worth!!

She still has her sweet face, although I think her legs grew 3 inches.  She looks like she’s on stilts!

I also finished my June socks for the Pair-a-month Challenge – boot socks!  Being DK weight they were a pretty quick knit.

Pattern:  my own, with Kaity’s help

Yarn:  Rauma-Ragg that my brother-in-law brought home for me from Finland when he was over there on business (points for that guy!)

So – there ya go, all that’s fit to print, at least for now.  I’ll be back after our annual 4th of July trip with pics and my latest project update!

Have a fun and safe 4th everyone!

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