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Done, and doner

The Central Park Hoodie is finally finished!  It really is beautiful, but a tad small.  I agree with most, that the pattern seems to run small.  I knit the 40″, and my gauge was pretty much on, but it only blocks to about 38″, at the most.  The sleeves and shoulders are also snug, but not at all unwearable – just not what I’m used to.  I still haven’t found buttons.  The brown ones would have been nice, but I didn’t have enough – it’s going to take six.  Tomorrow we’ve got some last minute cruise shopping to do and I’ll try to pick up some buttons while we’re out.

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie, IK Knitscene, Fall 2006

Yarn: Cascade 220, The Heathers, Lapis (9336), 5-1/2 skeins.  The true color is somewhere between these two, but closest to the second picture.

Size: 40″

This beauty’s coming on the cruise with me, so I’ll get Kaity to take a picture of it then, with the buttons on.  Ought to make for a nice photo op, doncha think?

I’m at the point where when Sunday finally gets here and we get on the ship… I’m gonna really NEED a vacation.  This week’s gonna be a killer, but I just keep thinking about next week….

…someone else cooking for me… someone else making my bed… nothing I HAVE to do but yarn shop, take knitting classes, and knit.  For 5 days.  I can hardly believe it.  I can certainly hardly wait!

Also finished this weekend – the painting.  See, gone are the outdated pink stripes in this “before” picture, and now we’ve got GREEN!   The last picture shows the basic wall color, a buttery tan which is actually darker than this picture shows, and you can see the dark brown on the wall leading into my office downstairs, and on the wall leading into our bedroom upstairs.

You can also see the finished banisters!  Now, that was a project a long time coming, but it’s finally done.  What a lot of work (right Kaity!?), but more than worth it.

Yee Haw – FO’s!

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…it’s probably a sleeve duck.

It is what it is.  The truth is the truth.

A friend of mine once asked her husband, “Do these pants make me look fat?”  His reply – “No, your fat makes you look fat.”

Ouch.  But true.  (Of course, she should have known better than to ask the question… and I’m sure he certainly knows better than to give THAT answer now! – but still, there’s no denynig the truth).

My truth today – of course they’re taking FOREVER, they’re sleeves!

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… and still knitting.

I dropped Lily (the non-knitting daughter) off at school today in the usual spot, and as she gets out of the car she starts laughing. She leans down and picks something out of the gutter. A stitchmarker! “Do you think it’s ours?” she asks?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is :o)

Here’s the progress on my Central Park Hoodie – I’m actually a good 8″ or so past this now. I’m LOVING the pattern, and especially the color.

But, Lily strikes again – she picks it up the other day and says, “Ooooh, what’s this? I like it! Are you making it for me?

Uh….. No! Now she’s hoping it’ll be too small for me and she’ll get it after all.

We’ll see.
PS – Life’s crazy right now, but I’ll try to post more often – thanks to all of you who have checked up on me to make sure I’m still alive and kickin’, and knittin!

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