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It’s All Good

All good things today, people, all good things :o)

First good thing- I’m so excited I can hardly believe this myself… I won Mary Kay‘s contest – a sweater’s worth of personally kettle dyed yarn, the color of my choice!   I know!  No Way!  SWEET!!!  Mary Kay’s the best – go give her some love… she’s laid up after foot surgery and getting so bored she’s even bored with knitting!  Let’s cheer her up!

Second good thing – I finished the hubby’s felted clogs.  These never fail to amuse me. No, those aren’t his painted toenails, they’re mine.  However, we’re a little worried about his new obsession with purple.  First he wanted Kaity to knit him a beret.  Um, ok, I guess I can see him in a beret if I have to.  Then he said he wanted it to be purple.  Um. No.

…but, he can have slippers with purple trim.

I can’t say enough about these clogs.  Love Them.  Kaity and I have each knit two pair, one each out of Cascade 220 and a pair each out of Wool of the Andes.   We think the Wool of the Andes felts up much nicer.  There ya go.  Just in case you were wondering.

And, third good thing – Kaity! – please go wish my April Fool a happy birthday!

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