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I Will Make Time

A friend of mine from Bible Study gave the following to me. It nicely put into words what I have been thinking and praying about lately. It is an except from Stan Toler:

Billy Graham reflected on his life with an unusual observation. He said if he had it to do over again, he would spend more time in prayer and Bible Study.

The New Year isn’t just about new beginnings, it’s about new priorities… putting first things first, from the very first. Time, talent, treasure: In word or deed, you will establish the “most important” in each of these areas.

“I will make time for God.” Work on your devotions. Add an inspirational book to your Bible reading. Vary your devotional time with music, prayer, walking, or journaling.

“I will make time for my family.” Make marriage and family a calendar priority. Utilize the answering machine, caller ID, text messaging, and e-mail to add quality time to family time.

“I will make time for myself.” When you neglect DOWN time, you’ll be more apt to get UP-set. Find a stress reliever and incorporate it into your planning. It’s just what the Great Physician ordered (Mark 6:31).
-Stan Toler

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31) That is MY great wish and prayer for this year, and all my life.

That last “I will” seems seems to be the easiest, making time for myself. I have to remember where it lies in the whole priority spectrum – namely, after God and family!

But, speaking of my stress reliever, check out the progress on Eiffel. I’ve just finished the lace rib portion on the bottom. I am especially loving this project. The lace rib pattern is enjoyable, but VERY easy to memorize so it can go with me anywhere without my having to bring a pattern along. Also, I am VERY surprised how much I’m enjoying knitting with the Euroflax. In the skein it just feels like a bunch of stiff string – but it really is soothing to knit with.

Now I just have to put it down, and make it wait for it’s “time.”

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Just Saying…

Maybe it’s just me and sour grapes, but tell me I’m wrong….

I’m betting dollars to doughnuts that the first person to knit a mobius did NOT do it on purpose. I think that after a bit of carefully chosen verbiage, a light bulb went on and then they just started in on the ol’ “I meant to do that,” and carried on like they were just oh-so-tricky and inventive.

Just Saying…

Eiffel is NOT a mobius.

Do Over.

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A Year of Sock Counting

The STATS: Number of Sock Counters: 142
Total pairs knitted in 2006: 942!!
This weekend I went onto everyones’ blogs and, as best I could, made sure I had up-to-date sock counts. We started out the year with 982 socks, and knit 942 this year, for a whopping total of 1924!! That’s a LOT of socks!!
The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Theresa of Knitting Underway, who has knit a total whopping lifetime total of 100 pairs of socks!, and has already received her prize. For those of you who may not know, Theresa was my inspiration to start counting socks :o)
Most Socks Knit goes to Stariel, who knit 50 PAIRS of socks!! Congratulations Stariel… send me your snail mail address, you’ve got a prize coming to you!
A big thanks to everyone who participated in Count Your Socks this year. I apologize for being probably the worse KAL host ever, I just didn’t envision how much time it would entail. I will not be able to keep updating the site for 2007, so I guess official signups are closed, but I encourage everyone to keep their sock counter buttons up on their side bars, and KEEP COUNTING SOCKS!
THANKS so much for playing along, it’s been fun!

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As much as I LOVE cold weather, and cold weather clothes…. sweaters, jackets, knitwear, I despise being cold. I would MUCH rather be hot than cold. I especially hate trying to get warmed up after being cold. I finally had to give up swimming for the winter when the water got to be 68 and even in my wetsuit, I would get so cold that my feet would cramp when I got into the warm shower afterwards.

I HATE going into our Vons, because they keep it so darned cold in there you could hang meat. Sooooo cold! Even in the middle of summer I wear a jacket to Vons. On already cold days like today, its completely miserable.

I hate being cold. I’m a California wimp. I know it. I’m quite sure I could never live where it REALLY got cold.

So, every morning lately when I’m out walking, I’ve been wearing my new mittens, knit for me by blogger friend from Finland, Uhoava Gnu. Aren’t they pretty?! And check out the matching sock yarn she sent along with them. That’s 420 yards of purply warm goodness!

Yeppers, I’ve wearing them every morning on our walks. They’re getting a lot of use. It’s been cold lately – well, I’m calling 40 degrees cold, and I bundle up, in layers, wearing my Calorimetry and mittens, and tell myself that the slight shivering when we start out just burns more calories. I’m loving my new mittens.

I usually warm up when we get to “the stairs.” The famous stairs. I have no idea when these stairs were built, but they’ve obviously been here a LONG time. They connect the lower part of town to upper part of town, and save about four blocks of walking around the long way. That’s great, except that there are 92 stairs, and depending where you get your info, that equals anywhere from 6 to 9 flights. It’s a lot of stairs.

Everyone knows “the stairs.” Every kid who lives in the lower part of town and walks to the high school knows the stairs. They connect the two. Whenever you mention to a kid that you run the stairs, on purpose, they always look at you like you’re crazy…. and then with a little respect. I like that.

My walking buddy and I now walk to the stairs, run them up and down twice, then walk home. Pretty wimpy, I know, but at first we could only walk them once, and were completely out of breath at that. It’ll be interesting to see what we can work up to. When we were there this morning, there were 8 little rocks in a row on top of a larger rock. If this is someone’s rudimentary counting system…. I’m impressed. I want to see the person who can run them 8 times. Now THAT would be something! Right now I’m happy with twice.

Twice, that’s all I’ve got in me so far…. then I strip off the mittens and take off the jacket…. THEN, I’m warm. I love being warm.

Remind me of that this summer when it’s already 80 degrees at 7:00 AM and I’m running the stairs, and complaining about how stinking hot it is. Oh, I’ll be complaining, but it’ll still be better than being cold, I’m quite sure of that.

Oh wait…. by that time we’ll be back in the pool. YES!

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One of my goals for the new year is to step up my everyday attire a notch.

When I was shopping the outlets with my daughters and MIL in Texas, I bought a beautiful silk twinset, and a great winter white quilted vest lined with fur. I was knitting Sizzle, and bought yarn for Eiffel.

I thought to myself – what am I doing? Where am I ever gonna wear all this stuff? I’m casual, everyone I know is casual, my church is casual…. I hang with a jeans-and-t-shirt crowd, and sit in my own little office in my house and type most of the day….

I don’t dress up much.

But I could. Why not? Why not put on a nice fitting pair of jeans or slacks and maybe this…. just because I want to. Just because it makes me feel good.

So what if it makes the kids nervous if I put on anything other than jeans and my Cons, or Vans…. or worse, my Crocs. “Where are you going?” Even my hubby will ask, “What did you do today?” Oy, I’ve set a VERY casual precedent for myself.

My goal this year is to kick it up a notch. Dress up more for church and Bible study. Get out of the Old Navy T’s more often, even for just hanging around the house. I’m gonna take better care of myself. I’m worth it.

It’s amazing how lazy I get with my appearance when I’m not happy with my weight… but now that some of the pounds are coming off it’s just as amazing how quickly I remember that I LIKE clothes, and looking nice, instead of “just getting dressed” every morning. Even if it’s casual, I still put a little more thought into it.

The kids will get used to it. The hubby will like it. And it opens a whole new world of knitting. I’m pretty excited! And you get to come along for the ride :o)

Pattern: Sizzle. Great pattern, quick knit!!
Yarn: KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Sea Spray (not thrilled with the yarn, unevenly spun, with uneven color, and even unattractive slubs of fluff), approximately 750 yards.
Size: Medium, although it’s a little big (get me!, even I’m surprised with that).

And, although the kids can deal with me dressing up, Kaity’s first words on seeing this were, “Mom, I’m not comfortable with that much cleavage.” – So, yes, it’s an amazing and sexy low neckline, but I’ll probably be wearing it with the camisole. I can only push the envelope so far, so fast.

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Not to worry….

OK – Kaity says I HAVE to post so people won’t think I ran away from home or something.

Actually…. I have thought about posting every day, but didn’t have the time, didn’t really have anything to say… etc. It got too late to post specifically about Christmas – although we had a wonderful trip to Texas. And, I’ve just been busy getting caught up from being gone, getting out from under piles of laundry, getting back to work…. etc. Necessary stuff, but boring for blog fodder.

But, yes – Christmas and our vacation were wonderful. Check out the girls and I with this longhorn steer…. and, yes, he’s real, and VERY big. I am SO impressed that Lily actually got on him!

We had lots of fun with family, played games, had our family “Iron Chef” competition (my team won with our Buche de Noel, thank you very much!), and since we were with my MIL, of course hit the outlet malls the day after Christmas.

Although Kaity and I weren’t able to make the drive to Katy, Texas to go to Yarntopia, we did get to go to Hill Country Weavers in Austin. Wow – what a great place. I bought this beautiful Euroflax in Eggplant, and I’m gonna swatch it up for Eiffel, hopefully. (the pretty hank of Lorna’s was picked up by my sister for me while they were in Spokane… because she knew it was good stuff… she remembered “reading it on the blogs!” I’m training her well, aren’t I!).

I also made quite a bit of progress on my Sizzle, in airports and on airplanes. Oh, the joys of holiday travel. Actually, it was all very uneventful, except for one connecting flight we almost didn’t make, because our previous flight left VERY late – and we had to get them to unlock the doors to let us on the plane at the last minute. Makes for lots of knitting time, though. Since this picture, I finished both the front and back, and last night got it all seamed up. It seems to fit well., and when next you see it, it will be a FO!

Ok – see, I’m alive and well. And, I promise not to let 2 weeks go between posts. Besides, I’ve got some beautiful mittens to show you, knit by my friend in Finland, and Sizzle should be done soon.

Happy New Year my friends!

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