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I was tagged by Lorette, The Knitting Doctor, so here’s a random look at what’s in my iPod – I turned it on “shuffle” and here are the first 12 tunes to come up-

……an odd little look into what rocks my world:

1. All for Love- Rod Stewart. I LOVE his love songs album. I walked miles and miles listening to Rod while I was training for my 3-day walk a few years ago.

2. I Can Only Imagine – Mercy Me. This is from my current “walking” playlist, which is chock full of praise music.

3. Always On My Mind – Elvis. How can you not love a little Elvis, although I prefer Willie Nelson’s cover of this song.

4. The Lord’s Prayer – Il Divo. OH. MY. Have you heard these guys…. more important, have you seen these guys! Wait – given that they’re singing the Lord’s Prayer- I probably shouldn’t go there…

5. You Make Lovin’ Fun – Fleetwood Mac. Love them. Takes me back to the early 80’s when the hubby and I first met (smile).

6. Casino Royale – Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Good Stuff. Happy music. My mom used to listen to this when we were kids, now MY kids love it.

7. A Long Way Home – Dwight Yokum. Come on…. there are just some times when nothing but some good old twangy Dwight music will do.

8. Channel Z – The B-52’s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the B-52’s!!

9. Message In a Bottle – The Police. Some more good music from the era where the hubby and I began…

10. Linus and Lucy – Vince Guaraldi Trio. My kind of Jazz. I love this entire CD (Peanuts Christmas Album).

11. The Holly and the Ivy – George Winston. More Christmas music. I have a LOT of Christmas music. George Winston is THE MOST brilliant pianist ever. I’m going to be him when I grow up… or Charlize Theron. Wait, I want to play like George and look like Charlize…. that’s the ticket. Anyway, I digress – I have a LOT of George Winston music.

12. Take It Easy – Eagles. I LOVE singing along with the Eagles – they are perfect for me. I can figure out all harmonies and they’re always in just the right key for my low alto voice (such as it is). Probably my all time favorite to sing to.

Hmmmm, that’s kind of fun to do, and a little interesting to see what pops up. Consider yourself tagged if you’d like!

In fibery news, now that I’m a “stasher”- check out that beautiful Cascade Ecological Wool up there! I don’t know if it’s a new yarn altogether, or just new to my LYS, but I saw it for the first time last week. I talked myself out of buying it that day, and have been thinking of it ever since! But, really – when a $25 Gift Cert turns up in your mailbox for the very same LYS, well, duh….. it just means I was meant to have it!

This some nice stuff!, and surprisingly soft for yarn that is supposed to be “minimally processed.” It’s not all rough and twiggy like some minimally processed wool, but very smooth and pretty – AND, it and comes in a HUGE skein of 487 yards! It smells heavenly, too.

I’m thinking it may become Starsky some day. All that 80’s music has me feeling a little retro.

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Clean and Shiny

The hubby likes to clean stuff. I don’t really “get” that – I’m not the neat one in the family, but I appreciate it.

The hubby was in a cleaning mood this weekend. Maybe it’s just because we’re all tired of ash and grime on EVERYTHING for the last month with this stubborn fire going on… Everything around here has seemed grimy, dusty, and ashy for soooo long. Especially the air.

So, over the weekend he played with his latest toy and pressure washed just about everything outside that could take it. The cars, the driveway, the sides of the house, the patio furniture….

Then, I guess just because it was one of those rare weekends where he was home ALL weekend with nothing specific to do…. he even went upstairs and scrubbed our tub and shower. He was gonna wash all the windows (another thing he just loves to do for some reason), but he ran out of time.

Then, it rained. Rain is the one thing we really needed. Rain is only thing that was gonna stop this stubborn fire from going on for another week or so. Everyone in these parts was so happy to see rain, I sat outside with about 100 other people at a fundraiser dinner yesterday evening, in the drizzle, and didn’t hear one person complain about the rain, or their soggy dinners.

Me, I sat there with my big ol’ curly hair getting bigger and bigger, and frizzier and frizzier, and didn’t even care that I was probably getting to look a lot like Bozo. It was rain. It was good.

Last night I even woke up and heard the rain, and said a prayers of thanks. This morning everything was all clean and wet and drippy.

I love rain anyway – but this rain was especially sweet.

Now even the air is clean. That beautiful crisp, bright air that I forgot you were supposed to be able to see through. It’s gorgeous this morning. I love the smell and look of a morning after a rain.

Hee hee – good thing hubby ran out of time and didn’t wash the windows.

…..and, check it out up there – three new stripes on the Fair Isle this weekend. It’s all good.

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