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What Am I Knitting Now?

A few hints….

It takes a LOT of colors (or, how to double your stash, immediately!)

I’m knitting with TWO hands now! (you know what I mean)

and… you knew it was only a matter of time ;o)

P.S. Today’s post was brought to you by OPI Nail Lacquer, “Cha-Ching Cherry colorway”

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Ok – so it isn’t so flattering as a tank top (tharms… doncha know) – but I’m thinking I really like it as a vest, and vests are coming back, so there ya go.

Don’t stare at the cables if they make you uneasy…. I just blithely ignore them, myself.

Pattern: Prosperous Plum

Yarn: Cotton Fleece, less than three skeins

Size 8 KnitPicks Options

Comments: The pattern says to knit with 4″ negative ease – and they’re not kidding. It is certainly not too small, in fact, I stretched it as long and thin as I could when I blocked it – because it was a bit too short and slightly too big (even though I added an 1″ to the length).

All in all, I’m happy with it. I love the eyelet detail and the picot hem. And…. it only took me a week to knit! That’s gotta be some kind of record for me!

In fact, I have already bought more Cotton Fleece and plan to make another – but I’m gonna figure out a different cable pattern. We’ll see what I come up with.

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There is something so severely wonky about this cable pattern…. I’m not sure I can get over it.

See how it kind of twists on the left hand side, and makes more of an “S” on the right side? This is seriously making me crazy. And, yes…. I’m doing it correctly.

I knew I was uneasy with it when I started. I stared at every picture I could find a finished Prosperous Plum… and this is what I saw… and it slightly bothered me. Ok, more than slightly…. but, Queen of Denial that we know I am… I decided I could live with it because loved the overall look of the tank so much.

I even toyed with changing the pattern, but I’m not that good, and couldn’t quite figure out what part bothered me or how to change it.

I’m not sure. Maybe, if I quit trying to look at it as two side-by-side cables, and just one “overall” cable pattern…

The kicker – I’ve “denialed” myself all the way to a nearly finished object. I’m done with the body and just have to cable the straps. And, yes, the cables on each strap will look slightly different, too…..

I’m not sure I can take it. Or, is it just me? I’m not usually too hung up on “matchy-matchy” and symmetry… and can go with the flow. But, man…. this is some weird and wonky flow.


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