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Kaity, after looking in the mirror for the first time with full hair and makeup – “Ooooo, I’m so fancy! – I like it!”

Lil, walking through the mall, killing a little time between dinner and prom -“That little girl just walked by and whispered to her mom, ‘Look Mommy, it’s Cinderella!’ “

Their dad, seeing his baby daughters all grown up and headed out the door – “When did I get so old???”

Me, this mother’s day – “I am blessed.”

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Actually, they’re “glass slippers” for Lil’s prom this weekend. As the self-described “princess” of the family – these were just too perfect to pass up. They will look smashing with her beautiful ice-blue Cinderella dress – I’ll get pics. Lots of pics. Kaity too – her dress is so perfect for her – well, you’ll see. My daughters, they’re beauties… (spoken as a true mom)

But, as I’m sure you can tell, the first thing I thought of when I saw these shoes were “they’d be perfect for sock pictures!!” No, I’ll never wear them like this, but they do show off a black purl nicely, don’t they?


Sorry for the not-so-great picture. I was bent over, taking a picture of my own feet, upside down, blood rushing to my head… it’s amazing how hard that actually is! Look at my little toes gripping!!

: Simply Lovely Lace Socks, Spring 2006 IK
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces, Black Purl colorway. I used just barely over one skein
Needles: size 2 Crystal Palace DPNs

Comments: I did the cast on for 60 stitches, and did the Picot cuff – which I must say – I LOVE!!! I’ll be using this a lot. Very cute, very easy.

Also, I did NOT knit through the back loops, as it says to in the pattern. Why – because I didn’t want to, that’s why… I tried it for awhile, hated it, didn’t want to be stressed while knitting… and so, there. I just didn’t. So, my socks don’t have those twisted stitches, but hey – it saved my sanity and I still think they’re “Simply Lovely.”

And, here ya go… just because she’s cute- Carmie-in-a-box.

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Actually, this is NOT a typical day. On a typical day, this would be the life of Black Purl (or whatever the current WIP happens to be)…. sitting in the other room while I work, hoping desperately for maybe an hour of knitting later on that night.

However, Tuesday is my “day off” – and since part of my day off will be spent getting one of the cars in our “fleet” smogged, and running various other errands, I figured I’d bring the sock along in hopes of sneaking in a row or two while I wait. Let’s just see how much progress we can make.

However, first my “day off” started with an 8:00 AM conference call for work…. how is this a day off? I don’t know either. But I can knit and talk at the same time, and in this case even get paid for it, so it’s all good.

Off to town. Here we are at “Smogies.” I’m being very careful. The last time I brought a WIP into a car-related business I got grease on my Sitcom Chic while having a flat fixed on the bug. Note to self, do not bring white or cream-colored WIP’s near an auto-repair-ish establishment. Gotta love Smogies, though – they smog your car, and process the DMV paperwork for you, so you walk out with your renewed registration and license plate sticker. Score!

Well, wouldn’t you know….. not half a mile from the smog place happens to be my favorite not-so-local yarn store….. we must stop by for a visit. Hey Purl, remember this place, when you were nothing but a lovely skein of yarn and a gleam in my eye??? We don’t need any yarn today, but I bet they have the new IK! (they didn’t, and I actually came away without ANY new yarn!)

Yes Purl, I know we drive right past McDonalds, and YES, I can smell the fries. Thanks for pointing it out…. like I needed that. No, we can’t drive thru – I’m getting healthy, remember. We do have to go to Trader Joes, maybe we’ll pick up something healthy there. Maybe a lovely piece of fruit. And there’s always Lean Cuisine at home. (ok, in reality, this conversation went on for about an hour. I’m proud to say I won in the end…. but it was really touch-and-go for awhile!)

A quick stop at Target to get some sparkly barrettes for the girl’s prom this weekend. (note: “quick stop for barrettes” = 45 minutes and $97 at Target. I heart Target.)

aye….. TOTALLY forgot to stop at the furniture store and look at new bedroom furniture. Oh well, next trip.

“How many more places do we have to go????” Oy, Purl, you’re as bad as one of the kids. We’re done for now, but we have to go home and do some housework and laundry, pay some bills, go to Vons and the bank…. then pick up the girls after school and take Kaity back to town so she can see her college counselor about classes for Fall. We should get lots of knitting done waiting around at the college.

Ok – or NOT. After we drive back to town the line for help with registration is about 45 people long….. we DON’T have time to stand in that line…. back home.

Oh wait…. forgot about the gym…

Then, it’s back home, make dinner, get one of the girlies to clean up dinner, check email and Bloglines, and get this posted…. do a little more sprucing up around the house and the laundry put away, and THEN we can sit and knit in front of the TV. I promise.

Oh Purl quit complaining. I want to knit as badly as you do. Remember, it’s not all fun and games and eating Bon-Bons for me, either. —– I need a “day off.”

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I recently found this great new knitting blog, Uhoava Gnu. I have no idea how, but she found Count Your Socks and joined, and we’ve emailed back and forth a bit. She is in Finland, and just started translating her blog into English. It’s so fun to read.

One thing I learned in talking to her, is that sock knitting comes natural to her, because they learn to knit socks in their version of Middle School.

How Cool Is That ???

Another thing she mentioned, while posting in her blog, was that she was tempting fate by posting pictures of an unfinished object. Apparently it is bad luck to post a picture of an unfinished project – kind of jinxes the whole thing.

I had never heard that. That could explain a lot, come to think of it.

Oy – if that’s the case, I’m in heaps of trouble here. If I didn’t post pictures of knits in progress this would be one borrrrrrrring blog and no one would ever come back! You’d have all given up on me LONG ago…

Are you kidding??? I milk a WIP for all it’s worth! Remember Rogue? Look at these cables…… Look at these cables, 2″ longer today. Hmmm, look at these cables from another angle….. uh, look at these cables again. Hmmm, can I think of a lame-o story about cables so they don’t notice it STILL LOOKS THE SAME!

Bless you all for being so patient!

Good thing I don’t believe in luck, either bad or good! Case in point…. one finished Black Purl sock, and the beginnings of a ribbed sock in that beautiful Turquiose Jeans Claudia’s handpainted – both in “versions” of real patterns. More on the reasons for the “versions” later (believe me, it has a LOT to do with my being a lazy and easily frustrated knitter).

Oh, and fair warning….. you’ll be seeing the same ol’ socks all next week…. but from another angle, of course!

…. and a big THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me on my “get healthy/weight loss endeavor” You guys are great!! – keep on me!

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Oy…. the little weight loss ticker. I figure if it’s up there for me to see constantly… .and for you all to notice, maybe it’ll help me get my act together. I’ve also posted a graph in the upstairs bathroom, right above the scale, where *gasp* even the hubby can see all the sordid details.

When I try to diet quietly, on my own…. well, it hasn’t been working. I need accountability. In many areas of my life. So, if I put it out there…. it’s more in-my-face…. harder to ignore.

I don’t want to be va-va-voom…. I don’t want to draw stares, I don’t want to be provocative or wear sexy stuff for the attention. I just want to put on clothes in the morning and be comfortable…. say, “yeah, that looks good,” and not give it a second thought. I want my husband and kids to be proud of me because I’m healthy, and do stuff, and don’t hide.

Right now, I tend to hide.

I love clothes, I love fashion, I LOVE my InStyle magazine…. but you’d never know it by looking at me, at least when I’m overweight. I tend to wear boring, drab clothes so no one notices.

However, I’ve noticed lately there are a LOT of things I want to buy, or knit, or wear, but never would in my present “state” because I feel self conscious trying to look fashionable, while looking dumpy at the same time. It’s really starting to bug me. So, while this really doesn’t have a lot to do with knitting…. I have a big ‘ol list of stuff I want to knit, but never would wear on this old body I’ve got going on now. I’ve got to get healthy, get to the gym…. find some muscles.

It’s just me. I SO admire people of ANY size who dress fabulously and fun and sexy, and just want to look great, and KNOW they look great. But me, I just don’t have that drive when I’m not comfortable with my body.

I just want to be healthy, slimmer… for ME, for my kids, for my hubby. I just want to look in the mirror and not especially say “oh yea baby!!!”, but not say “ugh….”

So, it’s out there. If that little ladybug doesn’t move…. get on me, say “what’s the deal”, anything. If I know other people can see the progress, or lack thereof, I think I’ll be more motivated. I plan to move that little lady bug along EVERY Monday…. and hopefully not just let it sit there in the grass, immobile.

I don’t want to end up immobile.

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How seriously gorgeous is this picture?! Can you believe how great this Claudia’s Handpainted matches my new cashmere hoodie? This is the beginnings of a GREAT summer evening outfit, maybe some white slacks….

It’d take just the right shoes, though, so you actually see and appreciate the socks….. maybe Lil’s new Killer shoes.

Mmmmm, the colorway is Turquoise Jeans. How Southwest Chic. I’m thinking I may need some turquoise jewelry too…

My Grandpa Del used to bribe me with the promise of a turquoise ring, if I’d just stop biting my nails. Every time I saw him.

I bit my nails H-O-R-R-I-B-L-Y when I was a kid. BAD….. I stopped when I met the hubby. He also bribed me (and, no Mom, I’m still not gonna say with what)…. let’s just say it was a win-win situation.

Grandpa Del died about a year or two before I met the hubby. They would have liked each other, I think.

I’d like to have been able to show him I finally quit biting my nails. He’d have liked that, too.

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I’ve never shopped for prom dresses before. I didn’t go to my prom. I didn’t go to ONE school dance. I barely had a date in high school. So, I missed out on the whole prom dress shopping thing ’til now.

This month I’ve done LOTS of prom dress shopping. It’s actually kind of fun, for the first few hours. You get to know the other moms and their daughters pretty well – hanging out in the dressing room.

You start giving opinions on total stranger’s daughter’s dresses. You wish you had an excuse to wear a total princess dress. You wish you still had your total princess body so you could wear a sparkly poofy killer princess dress. You daughters highly doubt you ever had a total princess body.

What do they know.

Now, back in the day, when I didn’t go to prom, it was because I didn’t have a boyfriend, and if I wanted to go from “not one of the popular kids” to extreme loser status, going to the prom stag or with your girlfriends would have clinched it. Kiss of death.

But, nowadays I guess “everyone does it”, so D#2, Lil, is also going to the prom, with her best friend, stag. Well, if “everyone” is doing it….

I’m so out of touch, I’m sure they don’t even say “stag” anymore…

Oh well. Lil is happy, has a very princessey prom dress, and some KILLER shoes. K-I-L-L-E-R.

Those Lorna’s Laces Black Purl socks up there…. I’ll model them for you in the killer princess shoes. Wait for it…. seriously killer shoes.

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